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Mayday Parade Have Released The Second Single From Upcoming Album ‘Sunnyland’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 May 2018 at 10.24

If this doesn't get you excited for 'Sunnyland', nothing will.

It's been less than two weeks since Mayday Parade unveiled all the details about their upcoming album 'Sunnyland', which is being released June 15, 2018 through Rise Records.

When they announced the album they also gave us the first taste of new Mayday Parade music, releasing the album's first single 'Piece Of Your Heart' which just happens to be the sweetest video to ever exist. 

Now they've revealed even more of what this new era of Mayday Parade is set to be like, with the release of second single from 'Sunnyland'- 'Never Sure'. 

'Never Sure' is a song that is so quintessentially Mayday Parade, whilst also showcasing how far the band has come and developed. Basically, it's a bop. 

Check out Mayday Parade's 'Never Sure' below:

We had a chat to Mayday Parade frontman Derek Sanders about 'Sunnyland' recently- here's a taster:

When we first got together for the first writing session, which was in January of 2017 after the whole ‘Black Lines’ cycle, we didn’t really know exactly what we wanted to do moving forward. That’s part of what we wanted to figure out together and a lot of it was figuring what we think that Mayday Parade does well. It’s always a learning experience. With each album you do you’re always learning and adapting. Saying that I’m really so proud of this album. It’s the best version of Mayday Parade. There’s a little bit of everything we have done over the last 12 years. We have really tried to nail those things that people have connected to and what we are good at.

I think it definitely had an effect. There was a little bit of a different mindset within all of us and the songs we were writing before we did the 10 year ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ tour and what we were writing after. We realised for one how important that album is to us and to our fanbase and it was pretty incredible to do that tour and receive the love and support for an album that we hadn’t realised just how important it was. Also, everything was so different back then when we were writing ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ so it was a lot of fun trying to put ourselves in the same mindset and try and channel from that. The songs we were writing changed a bit but ultimately it all became more fun. That album may be sad in a lot of ways but it’s also fun and has a lot of energy to it.

Check out the full interview here.

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