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Matt Nicholls On Hand Injury: ‘Shit Happens’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 April 2011 at 16.38

Bring Me The Horizon drummer sums his situation up eloquently!

Bring Me The Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls has spoken about breaking his hand and being forced to miss the remaining dates of his bands UK tour. He admitted that playing in goal was the cause of the injury!

“It were a lovely day so members of BMTH, Parkway Drive and Architects decided to play footy and I made the stupid mistake of going in the net. The ball came to me and I knocked it away with my hands and Winston from Parkway Drive clipped my hand with his foot and there you have it, one broken hand," he said. "I have to see a specialist in Sheffield to see if I need surgery or not but I'm not gonna be picking up drum sticks for about 6 weeks. It was an accident and you know, shit happens but I'll tell you now, it's the last time I wear gardening gloves in the net!”

His position in the band will be filled by Architects' drummer Dan Searle and no forthcoming shows will be cancelled. The below picture from Tom Sykes says it all.


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