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Mark Hoppus: “When Tom [DeLonge] Was In The Band, That’s When Blink Did Its Best Work”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 23 September 2019 at 09.56

Mark has reflected on the legacy of blink-182.

Blink-182's brand new album 'NINE' is officially out in the world and on all streaming services - but that hasn't stopped frontman Mark Hoppus from reflecting on the band's legacy and their past.

Speaking with Vogue, Mark talked about the 'Enema Of The State' era of the band fondly, sharing “There was a real unity of spirit in the band; [it’s] when the band found itself."

He continued “When Tom was in the band, that’s when blink did its best work... Now post-Tom, with Matt in the band, we’re approaching songs differently.”

But he also backed up that there's no bad blood between Tom and the rest of the band, sharing “I talked with Tom for the first time in two years right before we started this tour... The conversation was more about us just telling each other, ‘No hard feelings. You do your thing, we’ll do our thing.’ It’s all good.”

You love to see it.

And because this is the perfect excuse to, check out blink-182's new album 'NINE' below:

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