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Mark Hoppus On ‘Enema Of The State’: “Puff Daddy Came Into Our Room Asking If We Had Any Champagne”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 31 December 2019 at 23.28

What a time to be alive.

Mark Hoppus is 2019 Rock Sound Icon in the Rock Sound Awards! Pick up his world exclusive, commemorative Rock Sound Awards magazine and poster print now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV, featuring a brand new interview, plus a full brand new photoshoot.

Inside Mark's cover feature, he talks about how 'Enema Of The State' really thrust blink-182 into the spotlight, and what that adjustment was like.

Did you aspire to leave a mark on the world, and culture in general, growing up?
Says Mark: “Honestly? I never thought we’d be thought of as a band who changed the world in any way! As Blink we just wanted to go out and play fast music, and have fun - and hopefully somebody would come to our shows! Our biggest goal in life ever was to sell out this small club in San Diego [Soma] that we used to go see punk rock bands at. And when we did sell out that venue, we thought that we’d hit the big time. So to go on from that and still be doing this decades later, playing amphitheatres and having records in the Top 10, it really is ridiculous.”

Looking back, it feels like ‘Enema Of The State’ was the moment where pop-punk’s glass ceiling finally broke, and you became part of the mainstream – on MTV, in arenas, in movies and all of that. What moments best sum up that era for you?
“It was really crazy. One minute we were sleeping on people’s floors when we were on tour, and then within a year or so we were hanging out at the MTV Video Music Awards and Puff Daddy came into our dressing room asking if we had any champagne he could take! And you know, we went from playing these tiny little clubs to playing these giant venues, going to awards shows and opening them, and then sitting next to Jay-Z. We were being played on the radio, then I’d walk into a store and our music would be playing over the sound system. We’d be recognised in the street in small-town Italy… it was a very surreal time.”

That must have taken quite a personal adjustment, with the change in profile and the number of eyes on you? It seems like there’s no way to truly prepare for life in the spotlight, as much as people can try…
“It was cool actually. I feel like in some ways we weren’t ready for it, just because we thought it would never happen. But generally, we adjusted pretty well. I don’t think any of us went too over the line on stuff, and all the people who were coming up to us were really cool about it, saying nice things. It was built on a good foundation of hard work and trying to write the best stuff that we could. And there was some luck as well!”

This is just a taste! Pick up Mark Hoppus' Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview, and see his full new photoshoot:

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