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Mark Hoppus On Blink-182’s Journey: “Hopefully, Old-School Mark Would Be Really Proud Of Me”

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Rock Sound 13 December 2019 at 15.39

“I’m really proud that our band still continues to write music that people listen to, respond to and connect with.”

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Inside Mark's cover feature, he reflects on his journey, celebrity status, working with exceptional creatives, and whether his younger self would be proud.

You’ve crossed paths with celebrity culture at various points in your career, like going to awards ceremonies, appearing in American Pie and all sorts. What have been some of the most surreal experiences from that, looking back through the years?
Says Mark: “Sometimes you just have to take a step back and be in awe of the absolute absurdity of celebrity. The strangeness of it all. We’re just suburban skate rat kids, and all of a sudden we were hanging out with movie stars at parties and movie premieres. It’s strange, but my favourite part about being at this level of success, whatever that is, is getting to work with people who further inspire you, and who push you along creatively. Getting to work in studios and talk with people who have really cool ideas.

"I would have never in a million years thought we’d be at a level where we’re collaborating with Pharrell Williams, but we are. That’s awesome, and it’s cool to work with other artists, photographers, directors, videographers, who are doing cutting edge stuff. That’s probably the biggest perk of success, getting to work with them and hear their ideas, having them push you and you being able to push them. A little while back we were working on a song with Pharrell one day, and then the next day Pharrell was working on a song with Lil Uzi, who heard the song we were working on and was like, ‘Oh, I want to be part of that’. So he jumped on the song, and it’s really become a cool collaboration. I like that kind of thing.”

When you look back over your career to date, what would you say is your proudest achievement out of it all? It’s been a hell of a journey so far...
“I would say that I am most proud of our band. I am the biggest fan of blink-182, and I’m proud of where we started out. I’m proud of where we are today. There are some songs and some things I look back on, and it’s like seeing pictures of yourself when you were 13 years old. You’re like, ‘Oh man, I was such a goof back then.’ But that’s who you were back then! I’m really proud that our band still continues to write music that people listen to, respond to and connect with.”

What do you think the version of you who started the band would think of where you’re at now?
“Hopefully, old-school Mark would be really proud of me. I never wanted to just do one style of music, just wanted to write the best songs that I possibly could, and always do rad stuff. So… hopefully I would like myself!”

This is just a taste! Pick up Mark Hoppus' Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview, and see his full new photoshoot:

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