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Mark Hoppus’ Latest Podcast Asks The Question: “What The Hell Is A Matt Skiba?”

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 18 March 2015 at 10.46

Well it's about time someone got Matt's side of the story, isn't it?

In his latest podcast, Blink-182 man Mark Hoppus has interviewed his band's newest recruit, Matt Skiba. To listen to the podcast in full, follow this lil' linkThey cover a lot of ground, but a few excerpts can be read below

Skiba on how he's feeling about the upcoming shows:

"I feel great. I couldn't be more excited and as you know we've been rehearsing a lot and it just gets better and better and more and more fun."

Skiba on learning 25 new songs for the upcoming Blink-182 shows:

"Tom and I have a very different guitar playing style. I had to kind of relearn guitar in a sense. But it was a lot of fun. I've been a fan of Blink for a long time, I've known you [Mark] for 15 years or something? And I was a fan of the band before we knew each other. I knew a lot of the songs already just lyrically, and of course it's a totally different thing when you're playing the songs, but it was a blast."

Skiba on his upcoming solo album:

"It's going out under Matt Skiba & The Secrets. It's going to be the second record going out under that name. And it's Hunter from AFI on the bass, and Jarrod Alexander who is a session drummer and a really good friend of mine, and he was playing drums for My Chem when they were opening for Blink. And Rob Schnapf who produced the record also plays guitar. He played in Elliott Smith's band. It's a good record and I'm proud of it."

Basically, go click on that link up there at the top of the page. It's a great listen. 

Blink-182 will play their first shows of 2015, and their first shows with Matt Skiba on board in place of Tom DeLonge this week. If you're going along, you are a jammy shit and we hate you.

18 - LOS ANGELES Roxy Theatre (with A Day To Remember)
20 - SAN DIEGO SOMA (with A Day To Remember)
22 - ORANGE COUNTY Fair & Event Center (MUSINK Festival)

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