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Madina Lake Frontman Launches Kickstarter Appeal To Fund His Autobiography

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Rock Sound 21 February 2013 at 20.07

'Don't Love Me, Judge Me' could be coming soon, but only if you pony up some cash!


Madina Lake frontman Nathan Leone is currently writing an autobiography and has launched a Kickstarter appeal to get the book's printing and distribution funded.

Read the story behind the singer's tome below and if you want to help him get the project off the ground click here:

"I'm Nathan Leone and I sing for Chicago rock band Madina Lake...Admittedly writing an autobiography can be a bit of a vain and presumptuous endeavor, especially if you're someone like myself. I haven't exactly invented the wheel, re-invented it, made any paradigm shifting discoveries, nor would I comfortably qualify as a celebrity. I have however, been lucky enough to spend the last 8 years touring the world with my best friends and band-mates. Our career, in and of itself, has spanned the gamut of triumph and tragedy, but that's just a fraction of the sheer and utter ridiculousness that is my entire life.

Born an identical twin, I have 3 older sisters. We lost our mom in a car accident when I was 12. My brother Matthew and I have been best friends and partners in crime throughout our entire lives. We went to Butler University on NCAA Division 1 soccer scholarships. From there we moved to Florence, Italy for almost a year where we turned down an offer to play for a 3rd Division Pro Team (in the Italian Seria "C") in favor of a new obsession.

Renting acoustic guitars from the library in Florence, we began to teach ourselves to play music. Upon moving back to Chicago, we went on to sign 3 major record deals, I got pistol-whipped & car-jacked, won $50,000 on NBC's twin Fear Factor (getting an almost fatal blood poisoning in the process), toured the world for 8 years with our second band Madina Lake and I almost lost my brother when he was beaten after intervening in a domestic dispute on a dark Chicago street.

All of those things are just the bulletpoints in an otherwise meandering tale of surreality, stupidity and hilarity. Between the International "fame" our band achieved and the media sensation that Matthew's heroics garnered, we've spent most of our lives in some sort of spotlight. My brother and I survive on laughter, stupidity, passion, immaturity, self-deprication and unconditional love. This has sustained us through tragedy, triumph, addiction, heart-break, adversity and everything else life decides to bowl at you while you're running across the lanes of a crowded bowling alley wearing only socks and a cowboy hat."

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