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Lynn Gunn On ‘Things Are Better’ Off PVRIS’ EP: “It’s Like A Letter To Myself, But To Fans As Well”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 October 2019 at 14.02

“‘Things Are Better’ is about my relationship with myself, and my relationship with our fans." - Lynn Gunn.

PVRIS are back on the cover of Rock Sound this month, explaining how the past number of months have been entirely transformational in making them the band they want to be. Read the full story and pick up your copy now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

The brand new PVRIS EP 'Hallucinations' dropping this Friday, October 25, and Lynn talks about the stories behind the tracks on the EP inside her Rock Sound cover feature. Speaking on the as yet unreleased track 'Things Are Better', she shared that the track talks to the her relationship with PVRIS fans.

“‘Things Are Better’ is about my relationship with myself, and my relationship with our fans,” Lynn shared. “It kind of ties into being able to separate myself from what we’re doing. Not feeling attached to this archetype of what an artist needs to be, or these ideas of, ‘You need to suffer for your art’, or ‘You need to be a tortured artist’. You know that whole thing of, ‘If you’re not suffering, you’re not doing it right?’ It’s such bullshit!”

“That song is mostly about coming out on the other end of being really anxious and really depressed, being there in that position, and then later being on the other side of it, realising how unnecessary it is and how you can still make great art, if not better art, when you’re actually in a healthy headspace and you’re taking care of yourself. When things in your life are good, you don’t need to be in a toxic situation, you don’t need to be going through heart-wrenching experiences, to make great art. Obviously if you’re going through that, and you’re harnessing it to put it into art, that’s amazing, but it’s not like, mandatory to create!” She continued.

“The lyrics are like, ‘I hate to tell you, but things are better…’ It’s like a letter to myself, but to fans as well, saying, ‘I know that the first two records were made from really dark headspaces, and I know you grew attached to that… but I’m not there anymore, and I’m really sorry to tell you that. I can’t be that version of myself anymore, it’s not healthy and I’m not doing it, so you’ve got to let go’.”

This is just a tiny taste. Pick up a PVRIS Deluxe Fan Pack and read the full story of their new era, their new EP, and everything in between:


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