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Lorna Shore Have Announced The Dates Of A UK Headline Tour

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 October 2021 at 12.04

You don't want to miss this.

After what has been an incredible year for the band, Lorna Shore have announced that they will be heading over to the UK for a string of shows.

And they will be bringing Distant and Cabal along for the ride as well.

So that's some of this:

Then a bit of this:

And then a whole load of this:

It's going to be pretty special.

Here are the dates:


23 - BIRMINGHAM Flapper
24 - MANCHESTER Rebellion
25 - LEEDS Key Club
27 - BRISTOL Exchange
28 - GLASGOW Cathouse
30 - LONDON Boston Music Room

We spoke to guitarist Adam Di Macco all about the band's recent EP 'And I Return To Nothingness' which you can read in full right HERE

Here's a little snippet:

And in terms of this EP, you’ve pushed so many different corners of what Lorna Shore could be and created three very different strains of it. You’ve got the use of melody, the symphonic elements, the testing of Will’s capabilities. It feels almost like a manifesto more than an EP…
"Every time we write a record, we always make sure we have a purpose. It gives a reason for doing things and for writing in a certain way. It always makes things easier. For this EP, it was me, Andrew [O’Connor, Guitarist] and Austin in a room brainstorming, and the notes that I had saved on my phone from those sessions are precisely how it turned out. We wanted the first song to be a heavy and dark song made for vocals that had three breakdowns. That’s a note on my phone, and that is what ‘To The Hellfire’ is.

"A lot of the conversation around the band at this time was that whatever we do wasn’t going to be Lorna Shore anymore, and it was going to suck. Everyone had a lot of doubt directed at us. So if you don’t think that’s part of the reason for writing the EP we have, you’re beyond yourself. With people telling us that we couldn’t do it, I was going to make sure that they would eat their words, end up apologising to me and then listen to these songs non-stop because they loved them so much. Those people are the reasons these songs sound like this. We took that anger and used it to our advantage.

"We also wanted to touch on all different aspects of the band and cover all of our ground with Will. So you have ‘Of The Abyss’, which is more of a typical Lorna Shore song, the sort of thing we would normally do. But it’s also done better than any other Lorna Shore song we have done like that too. Then you have ‘…And I Return To Nothingness’, which is the riskiest song. It’s not heavy, but it’s very emotive, melodic, big, and the song I have wanted to write with the band for years. So that’s why so many avenues are touched on. These are Will’s capabilities and our capabilities, and if you doubt any of us, you’re a moron. I’m not trying to be rude or an asshole, but that’s exactly where we were coming from."

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