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Looks Like There’s A New Paramore Song Coming TODAY

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 19 April 2017 at 07.48


It looks an awful lot like there's a new Paramore song coming today, and soon.

So... when is the new Paramore song being premiered? Radio station ALT 103.3 tweeted that they'll be playing the song at 8:30am EDT, while it looks like The Woody Show will also be playing the song and that show starts around 6am PDT.

That means we reckon it'll be around...

LONDON - 1:30pm
NEW YORK - 8:30am
LOS ANGELES - 5:30am
PARIS - 2:30pm
SYDNEY - 10:30pm
MEXICO CITY - 7:30am
TOKYO - 9:30pm
MOSCOW - 3:30pm

Whatever time you're listening, just know that it looks like there's new Paramore coming TODAY (!).

Oh, and the band has also revealed the full (we think) artwork for the song / album / whatever is coming.

Surprise! It's awesome.

We are so ready for this.

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