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Loathe Have Teamed Up With Teenage Wrist For A Dreamy New Version Of ‘Is It Really You?’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 January 2022 at 13.09

Two very different bands. One incredible collaboration.

have released a new version of their track 'Is It Really You?', featuring a very special guest. 

The incredible Teenage Wrist

Taking the shoe-gazing haziness of the original, then melding it with TN's bright, breezy and brilliantly dreamy characteristics, it's further dive into what Loathe are capable of and how far they are willing to stretch their creative muscles in search of treasures.

Teenage Wrist's Marshall Gallagher had this to say about how it came together:

“We discovered 'I Let It In and It Took Everything' while we were tracking 'Earth Is A Black Hole', and it immediately became one of my favourite records of that year. Honestly, I only listened deep to a handful of records while we were making ours and that was one of them. So, it was pretty wild to get to dig through the actual tracks and do our own interpretation of 'Is It Really You?' - I was already such a big fan and that song in particular really hit me. It's extra cool to know that we're fans of each other’s music and hopefully, we get to share a stage soon."

And Loathe added this:

“Teenage Wrist are great! We’ve been fans of their music for a while and soon after the release of their latest record we caught wind that they’d be interested in collaborating with us. And so their take on ‘Is It Really You?’ was born. It’s interesting to hear our song through another artists respective lens, especially from artists you appreciate and enjoy too."

Here it is:

It follows on from the release of their new single, the challenging 'Dimorphous Display':

And if you fancy hearing a bit more Teenage Wrist, here's 'Silverspoon':

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