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Live Updates From Sonisphere 2014: Sunday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 6 July 2014 at 11.08

Hello there. Day three of Sonisphere Festival is warming up nicely, and we've got reviews, photos and a whole lot more coming today from the likes of Metallica, The Bronx, Mastodon, Gallows and Gojira. You're going to want to stick around for this one.

Have a look at today's stage times, and we'll see you in the pit.

0000: How do you put Metallica's triumphant closing set into words? Our David McLaughlin does his very best...
"Glaston-what? Glaston-huh? So the story goes that Metallica played some kind of tiny warm-up show last weekend to prepare for their big gig this summer - anyone hear about that? Sounds real sweet of them. What absolute heroes...

Anyway, you'll probably, well, inevitably see, hear and read some negativity about the thrash legends' Sonisphere headlining set not being all that. For some, THE most important band in metal playing THE songs that helped shape, define, influence and inspire generations and continue to, isn't good enough. The fact that those songs have been diplomatically voted by the masses isn't good enough. An opening salvo of 'Battery' and 'Master Of Puppets' played with a ridiculous zeal, passion and expertise by men who look like they could just as easily be spending their Sunday evenings on a private beach somewhere, really should've shut that noise up. Okay, so Metallica By Request is exactly as everyone expects. So what? Sure, new song 'Lords Of Summer' doesn't totally convince yet. 'Nothing Else Matters' may be an overplayed schmaltz-fest by now. And Lars Ulrich still won't stay on his drumstool. Whatever. It's a point worth repeating really: the most important band in all metal just schooled Sonisphere. Again."

For all of the stunning photos from Metallica's Sonisphere show, head here.


2110: Life pro tip 1: never Google 'Krokodil'. Life pro tip 2: look at our photos of Krokodil.

2005: did.

1945: Is history about to repeat itself

1845: That man David McLaughlin has checked in again, and it sounds like he had the loveliest time watching The Bronx:

More photos of The Bronx are riiiiiiiight here.

"The term 'band of the weekend' gets tossed around at festivals a lot, but nobody ever really says it about The Bronx. Mainly because it goes without saying that they steal almost every show they turn out for. Blimey, they're good. So good in fact, that it's often taken for granted and we begin to forget how special they are. Matt Caughthran's beaming grin is a lovely reminder. Those riffs - those fucking riffs - are a reminder. The rock 'n' roll righteousness at the heart of it all reminds us, too. Matt getting into and onto the crowd for 'Shitty Future' smacks you in the face with it. So let's not neglect them ladies and germs, 'cuz we'd bloody miss The Bronx if they were gone. Band of the weekend? Sure."

1730: Deputy Editor David McLaughlin has had an equal parts brilliant and infuriating time at Mastodon, by the sounds of it...

Looooooads more photos of Mastodon are over at this link

"Mastodon have a classic festival set in them. They must have. There are songs in their arsenal now that when combined could make for an iconic - if not career defining - live 'moment', should they wish to play it that way. 'High Road' off of newest album 'Once More 'Round The Sun' is the latest big gun they have to call on, and they fire it along with some others. Mastodon's classic festival show is not today though. That said, the beastly Atlantan quartet are predictably powerful, even overcoming strong winds that do their best to whip the sound around. Brann Dailor's drums are as jaw-dropping and dextrous as always, the riffs make heads bang and the characteristic vocal switches work a treat. But this band's considerable strengths are often their weaknesses too. Momentum is sometimes lost with muso indulgence, but even then there's no denying they still bring brute force and brilliance when they fancy it. The only gripe is that they don't seem to do that enough."

1630: RS scribe Rob Sayce loves a bit of Reel Big Fish, apparently.
"When Reel Big Fish were announced for Sonisphere, the general reaction was one of bemusement. Turns out it made perfect sense. In a field full of still-hungover metalheads, brass-laden songs about stealing people's girlfriends, saying 'Fuck you' to the world and yep - selling out - go down a storm. The 'Fish have made a career from goofy, drunken fun, and that's what they serve up by the bucketload. It serves them well again here, even as the misfits of the day."

1620: Our man Giles Smith's Gallows photos are in. Wade and Co. are looking pretty badass in this lot.

1609: Rob Sayce reports back from Karnivool earlier and there loads more photos of their set right over here, yo.
"Karnivool aren't the most immediate of bands, or indeed an easy fit on today's bill. But while their crowd is a little sparing, they reward those who do turn up with in atmospheric, immersive performance. It's a slow burner for sure, but certainly memorable; in part due to the weekend's oddest stage banter ("You can take one of my babies - I have 16!"). In the blazing sunshine, their shimmering melodies are right on point. Hopefully they'll have better luck next time."

1556: METALLICA ARE HERE! Or at least loads of stuff with their name on is here. 


1530: That man David McLaughlin has been out and about again. Here's what he made of Gallows.
"After a quick hop, skip and jump over to the Bohemia Tent, Lags Barnard takes off his Krokodil hat and puts on a Gallows one, making it with time to spare despite having just 10 minutes between sets. They've been away for a while and their return is warmly welcomed, but this cavernous festival arena does them no favours. Sound-wise, their pit-friendly punk rock attack feels a little blunted through no fault of their own. That said, even several years on, songs like 'In The Belly Of A Shark' has lost none of its punch of potency. Here's hoping the new ones the four-piece are promising will have the same endurance."

1515: Protest The Hero may not have been all that great earlier, but they still busted out a mean metal claw. All of our photos are now online.

David McLaughlin reports back from Krokodil...
"Vicious. That's the only word to sum up what Krokodil do. The illustrious musical backgrounds of those involved might bring most to the party, but the curiosity of those in attendance is more than rewarded. Jagged, serrated riffs and grooves spill forth with delicious, relentless menace throughout and considering the shit-tonne of talent they boast, the relative unknown quality of vocalist Simon Wright particularly impresses with range, power and intensity, whether he's screaming or straight-up singing. After this tate of what Krookodil are capable of, their debut album can't come quickly enough."


1405: Andy Biddulph is a happier man now he's been to see Palm Reader:
"Where Protest The Hero falter, Palm Reader excel. There are only a couple of hundred people in the Jägermeister tent, but the Woking five-piece hurl themselves headfirst into a gripping set of post-rage-everything-core regardless. They barrel through 'Spineless' forwards, backwards - every which way they can, really - and generally give everything . A neck-snapping 'Seeing And Believing Are Two Different Things' proves one of many highlights and despite the thin crowd, this band Palm Reader further earmark themselves as one of the most important young bands in Britain."

Want more Palm Reader? Course you do.

1355: They impressed the shit out of us earlier, but what did Joe Gojira make of their set?

1340: A fuming Andy Biddulph gives his verdict on Protest The Hero's set...
"Protest The Hero take to the stage a few minutes later than billed due to technical shenanigans over on the Apollo Stage and their fabulously offbeat metal doesn't exactly lend itself to a breezy Sunday lunchtime, but that's no excuse for not trying. There's barely a hint of their famously batshit 'regular' show on display today. Instead, the band shrug and stroll through the likes of 'Hair-Trigger', with frontman Rody Walker even saying, "We're gonna play our six songs and we're gonna fuck off." It's not a good look, and means this band are guilty of more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time today. They came. They played six songs. They fucked off. And that was about it."

1319: Itch has some news... but we don't know what it is yet!

1305: Finally we've had some action today, as Rob Sayce reports back from Gojira's delayed set...
"Incredibly, Gojira seem to have upped their game. Opening the Apollo stage, they sprint about Metallica's snakepit walkways like headliners themselves; they're commanding, as well as impeccably tight. It takes a while for the crowd to wake up, but when they do, chaos ensues. The Bayonne four-piece never disappoint, but this is something else, 'The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe' living up to its name. Better slot next year?"

1140: Our man Slomo is well excited for Gojira. Looks like they're making him wait, though...

In case you missed it yesterday, some band called Iron Maiden headlined. Heard of them?

The world also went BABYMETAL crazy. Their set looked exactly like this:

Slayer were very Slayer in the afternoon...

The gents in Deftones played to about nine million people...

We said hello to that man Frank Turner...

...and The Hell got very lairy indeed.

So general chaos happened, really. Forgotten who's playing? Cast your eye over the line-up


Day three: We are in you.

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