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Live Updates From Download Festival 2014: Sunday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 17 June 2014 at 10.18

It's the last day of Download Festival :( BUT, we've got so much good stuff to come today from Aerosmith, Trivium, Suicide Silence, Against Me!, Memphis May Fire and more.

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Stage times for Download Festival 2014: Sunday

0000: Aaaaaaaaand we're done.

2340: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph watched
Aerosmith headline tonight. It was just short of a classic, apparently...
“This is what it must have been like to come to Monsters Of Rock in the ’80s, just a little less good. There’s no denying that Aerosmith are legends, but there’s something in their set tonight – a career-spanning hour and 35 minutes, no less – that feels a little off. It’s certainly not the hits, mind. A heady ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ fits the balmy summer night perfectly, and if you can’t belt out ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ on cue, there’s no hope left for you. Steven Tyler sounds great, too, but their cover of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ rankles a little and makes for an unwelcome change of pace. ‘Walk This Way’ doesn’t prove to be the showstopper it ought to be, either, meaning Aerosmith’s set falls just short of being a classic Download moment.”

2325: Rob Sayce has been busy. He's just popped back from Trivium to give us his verdict...
“Since their first, momentous appearance back in 2005, Trivium have become something of a Donington house band. But while their visits are frequent, this one proves an especially nostalgic affair – revisiting some seldom-heard ‘Ascendancy’ material, and even the much-maligned ‘Anthem’. Some stilted banter aside, the band seem near the to of their game, and ‘In Waves’ is an inspired closer. A great stage set and a solid performance, then, and all in all, this showing was certainly enough to justify their lofty billing.”

A full gallery of Trivium's set earlier tonight is now online. Check out all of Giles Smith's shots at this link.

2310: Deputy Editor David McLaughlin didn't miss out on The Dillinger Escape Plan. Did you?
The Dillinger Escape Plan versus Aerosmith. Greg Puciato versus Steven Tyler. Let's face it – on any other terms, this face-off would be a bloodbath. On Donington turf, though, the veteran rockers win when it comes to pulling in the punters. Those who do venture over to the Pepsi Max Stage are rewarded for daring to indulge something a little different. Different if you've never seen a Dillinger show before, that is. If you have, the collision of frenetic sound and theatrics is more of a warm, welcome comfort blanket. You get Ben Weinman walking on top of the crowd. You get crowd surfers on deck chairs. You get singalongs, like on the superlative 'Milk Lizard'. And you get a lot of noise and confusion and colour and standard Dillinger stuff, really. Most of Download might have opted for power ballads or buggered off home and missed this, but it's their loss.”

2120: Our photos of Steel Panther on the Main Stage earlier are in, and you can see them in our gallery. Here's one of Michael Starr mid-thrust.ab

2025: Rob Sayce has returned from Suicide Silence with a bold claim indeed...
"You'll never see a better comeback. Tonight, Suicide Silence are reborn in unforgettable style - tearing through their biggest hitters with new vocalist Eddie Hermida at front and centre. There's no hesitation, no sentimentality, just top drawer deathcore and a reception that verges on chaos. Eddie proves himself more than up to the task, and it's great to to see them returning on such commanding form. Job done, and then some."

2000: We Came As Romans' 15 Seconds At Download is in. Errrrrrm.

1920: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph gives us his take on Against Me!’s set from a few minutes ago…
“This weekend has had its fair share of highs, but surely Against Me!’s long-awaited return to these shores has to rank amongst the most important of them all. It’s been a while – the half empty tent is proof enough of that fact – but those who are in attendance see Laura Jane Grace lead her newly refurbished band through the classics like ‘I Was A Teenage Anarchist’ and a full-throated ‘Drinking With The Jocks’. Their set does lean a little too heavily on new album ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ for comfort, but still manages to be a rousing return for the Floridian punks.”

1850: Nobody thought it was possible, but David McLaughlin’s day has got even worse. Here's his take on Steel Panther. Eep.
“Today sees the Main Stage play host to the likes of Winger, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and of course, headliners, Aerosmith. With their knowing, overblown shtick, Steel Panther take a satirical sideways swipe at those exact kind of bands from back when they ruled the world - hair spray, codpieces, make-up… the lot. As usual, they probably spend more time talking juvenile smack between songs than they do actually playing any, and there are more chuckles than cheers overall. But they play for the LOLZ and they get them. So they win, really. And if the punchline seems a tad too close to the bone on this occasion, few here appear to be overly bothered.”

1811: Blessthefall man Beau Bokan made his claim for being the loveliest guy in Donington yesterday. Here's his festival #7of30.

Catch up with all our Download videos so far in this playlist.

1729: Upon A Burning Body's Rubin Alvarez and Rey Martinez about the unfortunate cancellation of their appearance on Download's Pepsi Max stage yesterday. As it turns out, the band's vocalist Danny Leal was taken sick on the way to the airport to fly to the UK, and was told by his doctor not to fly. What happened, dudes?

Says Rubin: "Holy shit that's a crazy ass story. It sucks so bad. Basically, we were on our way to Houston, and our singer ends up getting taken to the hospital. They take him to the hospital and they tell him he's got an ear infection and if he tries to fly there's a good chance he could blow out his ear, and lose his hearing in that ear. He was like 'You shouldn't go. He shouldn't fly, that's for damn sure. Our manager tellus 'Get over here, you can do somebody to fill in, you can still do the set. You have to be here. You have to play the show. Our flight then gets cancelled, so we get on the next flight and we get here late, and our gear is still in Texas. We're here with no luggage, no gear, no singer... nothing. Everything was against us. It was bad luck."

So who were you going to try to get to fill in?

Rubin: "First for me was Eddie from Suicide Silence. He's a good friend of ours and it would have been awesome to do."

Rey: "Also we were hoping for Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder..."

Rubin: "We asked all our homes - we asked Miss May I, WCAR, we asked everybody that we knew that knows a little bit of our music and could help us out a little but, but most of those bands are coming in for the day then flying right back out. Nobody was gonna be here for us. We were even talking about doing an instrumental set and letting the crowd sing!"

Rey: "It didn't matter, we didn't have our equipment anyway."

1724: David McLaughlin's having a really bad day today. Sorry, mate. 
“The Misfits. Metallica. Elvis. Johnny Cash. Musical legends one and all, with enduring influence and impact upon the worlds of rock and metal. Danish dudes Volbeat pay homage to their collective legacy with almost every aspect of their being, whether that's in slicked greaser quiffs or rocked up blues riffs. The problem is they come off a bit like a tribute act who only play B-sides. The fact that a cover of The Man In Black's 'Ring Of Fire' inspires their biggest reaction probably tells its own tale.”

1721: He's on stage, like, right now, but here's Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins' 15 seconds at Download...

More photos of Crazytown are up here.

1640: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph caught a little of Crazytown earlier. They made him sad.
“There are oodles and oodles of people surrounding the Pepsi Max tent, but nobody seems to care about Crazytown. Nobody, that is, until ‘Butterfly’ kicks in. High fives are dished out, fists are pumping and THAT chorus rings out around the edges of the tent. Apart from that, though, their set is pure rap metal nonsense, and everyone leaves still waiting for the punchline to a joke that’s got way, way out of hand.”

1630: We grabbed 15 seconds with Suicide Silence man Eddie Hermida a while ago. Don't make him poo in our mouths.

1530: Rob Sayce reports back from Emmure...
"Controversy can only take you so far. Emmure have no trouble drawing headlines, but are still lacking where it matters, with this afternoon’s set finding them reliant on blunt force and little else. Their songs frequently blur into indistinct mush, and while the circle pits keep spinning, it doesn’t take long for others to lose patience. It’s the same old story, and ultimately you know what you’re getting with Frankie and Co. Less than inspiring."

1445: It sounds like Rock Sound scribe Rob Sayce had a wonderful time watching Thy Art Is Murder, earlier.
“Death metal bands aren't generally renowned for their frisbee skills or onstage keepie-uppies, so it's impressive that Thy Art Is Murder cram both into an all too short half hour of mayhem. While they might sound like they'd eviscerate you on a whim, the Aussie bruisers are also superb showmen, splicing bone-crunching grooves and I-gargle-with-razors vocals with an infectious sense of fun, and getting the pit nicely riled up along the way. The sheer extremity of their material might make crossover success tricky, (a fair few Aerosmith fans flee the vicinity around ten seconds into the set), but they might just have enough cojones to make a real dent. With a chainsaw, preferably.”

1430: Remember how we were telling you how Buckcherry were rubbish, earlier? Well, at least they looked the part. Photos by the wonderful Carla Mundy are in our gallery.

1400: David McLaughlin has been watching We Came As Romans on the Second Stage. The Simpsons references, ahoy!
“Excuse our French but there's a lot of boring old bollocks on offer around the site today. So thank Jebus for We Came As Romans for delivering a good dose of youth and vigour to proceedings. There's bounce and beatdowns, too and although not everything hits the bullseye, the Detroit six-piece give Download a good kick up the backside. We'll even forgive that cover of The Wanted's 'Glad You Came'. Oh, okay then: that bit was ace too.”

1345: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph just caught the bulk of Buckcherry’s set, and it wasn’t pretty…
“Filthy, riff-fueled songs about sex, drugs and rock and roll ought to go down a treat at a festival like Download, but Buckcherry have a torrid time of it in the rain today. Frontman Josh Todd’s protestations of “I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little weird being up here this early”, don’t come close to excusing their sulky, half-arsed set, and songs like ‘Broken Glass’ and the hilariously dated ‘Crazy Bitch’ are delivered with a shrug of the shoulders that mean this band fail to give the rapidly soddening crowd any real reason to care.”

It's been a rager of a weekend so far, and we're all a little bit sad that we're on our final day of Download 2014. The good news? We're not done yet. Today's bill boasts the likes of Aerosmith, Trivium, Suicide Silence, Against Me!, Memphis May Fire and a shit tonne of others. Stick around, won't you?

While we're waiting for the action to kick off, have a quick recap of what's already been wowing us this weekend over on the Friday or Saturday live updates pages. A few select highlights...

Well, obviously there was Avenged Sevenfold on Friday. Spoiler: they brought fire.

More photos of Avenged Sevenfold

Yesterday, it was Linkin Park's turn to bring the house down.
More photos of Linkin Park

Elsewhere, we caught Blessthefall, While She Sleeps, Bring Me The Horizon, Arcane RootsTwenty One Pilots, The Offspring, letlive., Crossfaith... loads, basically! Head to our photos page to catch up.

Oh, we also brought the #7of30 challenge to Download. Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump told us his story about peeing in a tent:
Killswitch's Engage Jesse Leach told us his camping story. It involves almost getting eaten alive by a bear. Yikes.
Miss May I's Levi Benton also stepped up to the plate. OH GOD HIS HAIR IS SO LUSCIOUS.  
And The Amity Affliction's Ahren Stringer proved he's a man of few, choice words...  
There's lots more of all this good stuff coming today. So stay tuned!

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