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Live Updates From Download Festival 2014: Saturday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 June 2014 at 20.46

All of Saturday's Download Fest action in one place, featuring Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage + more. Check back all day long for a constant feed of photos, reviews and Download news. Missed Friday's action? That's over here.

Stage times for Download Festival 2014: Saturday | Sunday

0000: Editor Ryan Bird loved watching ‘Hybrid Theory’…
“And so here we are. After months of hype and anticipation, Linkin Park arrive to play the biggest debut album of all time in its entirety, and in theory it should be the stuff of legend. In reality it is, for want of a better expression, quite good. Following a brief intro tape played on the Main Stage big screens (which is ignored by virtually everyone in attendance), the opening beats of 'Papercut' ring out and tens of thousands of people grin from ear to ear. Each and every track is near perfect and gobbled up gratefully by the masses, but despite the grins there's a strange lack of vibe. When Slipknot headline Download there's a vibe. When Metallica headline Download there's a vibe. Tonight, there are simply smiles. Following up the main attraction with a batch of slow, dawdling cuts doesn't help proceedings, but fortunately in the likes of 'Numb', 'Faint' and 'Bleed It Out', Linkin Park have enough truly great songs to pull themselves from danger, and at the very least, tonight will be remembered as an incredibly rare opportunity to relive the album of a generation. In that sense, it's very much job done.”

2345: After watching Linkin Park see off ‘Hybrid Theory’ (come on, who can blame him?), Andy Biddulph arrives at the Red Bull Studios Stage to find a busy tent for SikTh.
“Their recent reformation may have had the more tech-inclined frothing at the mouth, but the Red Bull Studios Stage isn’t exactly packed to the rafters for the SikTh’s return. Those who are off doing other things are missing out, though, as the six-piece groove, mosh and soar their way through their back catalogue. A vocal balls-up on ‘When Will The Forest Speak…?’ doesn’t do much to detract from this organised chaos, and while slightly low key finale ‘Skies Of Millennium Night’ mean this doesn’t quite feel like the homecoming it was billed as, the chants of “SikTh, SikTh, SikTh” that sporadically echo around the tent mean there’s a real thirst for their tour later this year (yep, they confirmed that’s happening).”

2207: First shot back of Linkin Park walking out and kicking off 'Hybrid Theory'. Recognise that hair?

2040: It’s probably fair to say David McLaughlin thought Fall Out Boy were good, then.
“There's a moment during 'Sugar, We're Going Down', when it kinda, almost, sorta feels like it might be the greatest song in the world. Ever. Maybe. Or else it's the sunshine and the singalongs getting to us. Either way, Fall Out Boy feel flawless right then and they aren't bad for the rest of their time on the Main Stage either. That they can focus heavily on their comeback material from 'Save Rock And Roll', speaks volumes when they have so many hits in their setlist. And it almost makes the insistence on finishing with the traditional 'Saturday' seen a bit misjudged these days. That’s a minor quibble, though. This is awesome.”

2015: All of our shots of Bring Me The Horizon dominating the Main Stage are right here.

1945: Not watching Fall Out Boy right now on the main stage? How about watching Patrick Stump giving it some pure festival banter instead?

1915: Editor Ryan Bird was impressed with Bring Me The Horizon. Very impressed.
“It's weird to think as they emerge to a huge, roaring crowd that only a few years ago Bring Me The Horizon would have been bottled to oblivion within minutes by a Download Main Stage audience. Today, though, they stake a very genuine claim for the title of 'Band Of The Weekend'. With Oli Sykes smiling broadly throughout and all manner of CO2 canons and pyrotechnics spraying high into the air, this is simply stunning stuff, with everything from opener 'Shadow Moses' through to a frightening closing trio of 'Chelsea Smile', 'Antivist' and a positively massive 'Sleepwalking' sounding bigger and better anyone could ever have dreamed of. It might sound ludicrous, but once Wembley is out of the way come Christmas, Bring Me The Horizon's next step may well be to headline this stage. You've been warned...”

1855: David McLaughin has been out and about again, and he caught Vamps on his travels.
“What year is it? Vamps (JPN) could do with checking, because they appear to be labouring under the illusion that it’s 1986. To their credit, a sizeable, curious crowd comes to see 'em considering BMTH are bossing things across the way. But sadly a lot leave looking disappointed, too. The execution of their Sunset Strip-fuelled sound is slick enough, but it lacks ingenuity and ultimately, there's a nagging suspicion that these Vamps, are a little, ahem, toothless.”

1849: Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage tells the best camping story EVER in his festival #7of30. Watchy watchy!

1809: Seriously, this.

1807: Andy Ritchie is back from Blessthefall. How did it go? Depends how you look at it...
"Nothing sucks more for a band at a festival than seeing most of your crowd disappear three songs into your set. For Blessthefall, the curse of clashing with Bring Me The Horizon (a band who, by the time BTF are done have filled not just what’s in front of the main stage but the entire fucking arena with their fans) is overhanging them today. Despite that, Beau and Co. rouse the dedicated few left in front of them with fiery, energetic renditions of ‘Exodus’, ‘Hollow Bodies’, ‘Youngbloods’, and their commitment to putting on their best performance - whatever the circumstances - is admirable. Those who were here will remember this."

1745: Deputy Editor David McLaughlin has been getting his heritage on over at Killswitch Engage
“Seeing as so many of the young pretenders on this bill pilfered pretty much everything they know from Killswitch Engage, it seems only fair that they get in on the act and receive some of the credit they deserve. Their undeniable influence and legacy is writ so large all over this weekend, and the Massachusetts trailblazers' set feels a bit like the masters showing everyone else how it should be done. Jesse Leach is like a man possessed, chugging whisky and bellowing like an irate bear; Adam Dutkiewicz is as goofy as ever, and their arsenal of anthems just seems to get bigger and stronger, as beefy fresh cuts like 'New Awakening' prove beyond any doubt.”

1720: As you might have heard, Bury Tomorrow were triumphant on the Main Stage earlier. Carla Mundy was our witness, and all her photos are in our gallery. Go on, have a peruse.

1650: Bumped into this man backstage. He did the 15 Seconds At Download thing for us, and talked about chicken. What a guy.

1610: Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph just caught the first half of Bowling For Soup’s set, and it sounds like they just weren’t doing it for him.
“Usually a sure thing for a set full of laughs and drunken singalongs, Bowling For Soup don’t quite bring enough sunshine to the Main Stage to make everyone forget about the swirling wind and spots of rain that are fast appearing this afternoon. Joined onstage by an inflatable sheep, the pop-punk dudes plod through an opening trio of ‘Almost’, ‘High School Never Ends’ and ‘Ohio (Come Back To Texas)’ with almost none of their usual pep. If only the sun was shining...”

1555: Andy Biddulph reports back from Twenty One Pilots’ set on the Zippo Encore Stage...
““I know we’re a little bit of a curveball…” shrugs Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph. He’s not wrong. Appearing just before Skid Row, the weird-pop-rap-and-everything-else duo take a while to get going, but the sunny setting suits them perfectly and in drummer Josh Dunn, they have one of the most entertaining drummers in any form of music. All of this means in the end, even the generous handful of confused metalheads in attendance can’t help but nod along to the likes of ‘Migraine’.”

1550: Blessthefall's Beau Bokan just tore up the 15 Seconds At Download rule book. Outrageous scenes.

1535: Sounds like Marmozets have made Ryan Bird have a good old think… 
“The fact that Marmozets are headlining a stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival gives you somewhat of an insight into there their future may lie. The Northern mob have grown up before our very eyes, and today they're noticeably slicker than ever. There's still plenty of technical wizardry and Becca Macintyre's voice is capable of filling the Pepsi Max tent several times over, but there's something much more safe about where Marmozets are heading. There's a lack of the fury that once oozed from each and every song, and while the response of the crowd is certainly a positive one, you do wonder just how good, and just how raw and visceral this could have been.”

1516: Deputy Ed David McLaughlin is back from While She Sleeps' return to Download. Didn't they do well?
“You want vicious, serrated riffs? While She Sleeps have got all the vicious, serrated riffs, yo. They also inject a palpable sense of excitement that in truth, has been found wanting at times on this year's Download bill. The big question, though – is Loz still struggling from last year's throat surgery? Is he ’eck. He's on belting form today, and ends the Northern riff wranglers' set on the sound desk halfway across the field, waving a WSS flag as if to say, 'this place is ours now'. It's hard to argue otherwise, and frankly, their new album can't come soon enough.”

1508: We love it when bands commit to a feature, even if it is only 15 seconds long. Hats off to Arcane Roots' Andrew Groves for this one! 

1419: More #7of30 festival action, this time with Ahren The Amity Affliction. Alright, it's a #6of30. We forgot to could properly for this one. 

1410: They're on the Pepsi Max stage in 45 minutes... but we still managed to get 15 seconds with a pair of Marmozets!

1340: A rather hoarse Ryan Bird has just returned. Too much screaming along to Bury Tomorrow, perhaps?
Exactly one year ago, Bury Tomorrow's blistering set in the Pepsi Max tent confirmed what some had known for quite some time – that they were very quickly emerging as one of British metal's brightest prospects. Today, a few hundred yards away on the main stage, that potential more than comes to fruition. The size of the circle pit that greets 'Watcher' is impressive by anybody's standards, while their sound is thick throughout despite the emergence of a persistent summer breeze. "We're a band that doesn't take ourselves seriously," quips vocalist Dani Winter-Bates midway through proceedings, but by the time a thunderous 'Lionheart' closes their set, everyone has started taking this band very seriously indeed.

1346: Found some guy called Jesse. Made him do this.


1310: It's Festival #7of30 time. Here's how Miss May I's Levi Benton dealt with the challenge...

1140: In case you missed the news a little earlier, menacing metallers King 810 won't be appearing at Download tomorrow after two of the band were arrested for Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm just before boarding their flight the the UK. The full story is right here.

1112: Oh.

1110: We're on site, the rain's holding off (just!), and we're off to find out what the hell an Iceman Thesis is. Back shortly.
All of yesterday's action, featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation, The Offspring, The Amity Affliction, Miss May I, Crossfaith, Skindred, Royal Blood and more can be found over at Friday's live update page

For more photos of Avenged Sevenfold's Friday headline set, head to this link.


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