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LISTEN: World’s First Cinema’s Addictively Stirring New Track ‘Supernatural’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 July 2021 at 15.41

Another piece of the band's ever-expanding pop puzzle.

World's First Cinema
are back with another new track, adding another layer to their ever-expanding musical universe.

This composition is called 'Supernatural' and combines sweeping atmospheres with insatiably decadent pop hooks. It's another track that demonstrates more so what the band are attempting to do with the project and feels like a perfect set up for what the future may hold.

The duo had this to say about the track:

"'Supernatural' is a nod to the cinematic roots where this project first began. We feel that we've grown so much since we released our debut EP and we feel our music is reflecting that. Our songs will always have a cinematic element but 'Supernatural' really revives the overtly epic tones of our first EP. We wanted this track to be a sign to our fans to always expect those sonics from us as we explore different styles in our writing."

And here it is:

It follows on from 'Make Me A Monster', which sounds like this:

Which follows on from 'The Woods', which sounds like this:

We recently spoke to John and Fil all about the project and their hopes for the future. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a little snippet:

How did World’s First Cinema come to life? What was the first conversation that kickstarted this project?
Fil: "John and I were producing separately and doing our own things initially. I decided that I wanted to do something a bit more in the cinematic realm and wondered who I knew that could sing. I had worked with John a couple of times in some producer jobs and thought his voice was so sick. We got on together, so I called him up, and we decided just to have a session.

“On the first day we wrote together we made ‘Can’t Feel Anything’ and another song which isn’t out yet. Everything from there happened quickly because we knew that we were onto something. We kept writing, and it gradually started to mould. We wrote something a bit darker, and it started to spiral into what it has become now. We’re both super into fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons and horror movies, so we put together the ideas for a heavy aesthetic thing. The music seemed to fit it well. Nothing was really that planned.”

John: “I had zero intention of starting a new project. I was full steam ahead with my solo project at the time. We met at a board game party initially and got on. Then when we had that first session, it was properly, ‘Let’s just write two songs, but that’s it’. Three weeks later, it was like, ‘You know all those other plans you had? Throw them out the window. We’re doing this’. It was so easy, and it made sense."

​To be on that same page with the same vision so quickly, it’s crazy how fate works sometimes...
Fil: “We’ve all had those moments like this, but it’s much more of a long and winding road. This was the quickest musical experience I have ever had. There was no having to try and test anything. The first half an hour of being in there, we just got it.”

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