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LISTEN: Trophy Eyes’ Delicately Sun-Stained New Track ‘Bittersweet’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 December 2021 at 09.58

Oh, now we are cooking with gas.

You know what they say, wait for one new Trophy Eyes song and two come along in quick succession. 

The band have shared another fresh single in the form of 'Bittersweet', a track built on electronic bleeps and breezy atmospheres. It sits on the more pop-orientated and melodic side of the band's sound and delivers plenty of ginormous choruses and sun-stained refrains. 

It's a summer anthem in a way that only Trophy Eyes could produce one.

Vocalist John Floreani had this to say about it:

“There are no rules in love. I know this now but for my teenage self, that was too much to comprehend. Bittersweet is a song about feeling someone slowly slip away, and the cathartic, long-winded conversations said in total silence- sometimes with just a single expression. It was my first experience of inadequacy and total loss of control. I was not enough and I drove the person that I loved into someone's more capable arms. I'm not sure that I was even in love, but I was certainly desperate to hold on to the one thing still linking me to my childhood. My first taste of adult life was a bitter introduction to how familiar I would come to be with loneliness.”

Here we go:

It follows on from '27 Club' which sounds like this:

And here's the still stunning 'Figure Eight' which dropped early last year:

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