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Listen To The Brand New Fall Out Boy ‘Lake Effect Kid’ EP

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 23 August 2018 at 09.42

"This is our love letter to Chicago."

After a month of teasing, the highly anticipated Fall Out Boy 'Lake Effect Kid' EP has arrived! 

Along with the drop of the EP, Fall Out Boy tweeted "this is our love letter to Chicago".

'Lake Effect Kid' previously only existed in demo form, released by Fall Out Boy in 2008 through Pete's label Decaycance as a part of the band's 'CitizensFOB Mixtape: Welcome To The New Administration'. The release of the mixtape in 2008 was part of a viral marketing campaign, designed to build hype for the band's album 'Folie À Deux'. It's always been a fan-favourite, and now there's a full, professional quality version.

The 'Lake Effect Kid' EP was produced by Sean O'Keefe, who has a long history with Fall Out Boy, having worked on a number of Fall Out Boy projects including 'Take This To Your Grave' and 'My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To Your Tongue'.

Sean O'Keefe shared on instagram "For those "old school" Fall Out Boy fans this might be up your alley as that was the intent of the production, 'Take This To Your Grave' style... I think it's a fun one and am proud to say how Patrick killed the vocal in less that 40 minutes and at the end of a 12 hour day... Also for the recording geeks out there, I didn't feel the need to auto-tune 1 single word on any of it... it's 100% him singing his ass off."

Also on the EP are two new tracks, 'Super Fade' and 'City In A Garden'. And when you listen to it, the whole "love letter to Chicago" sentiment will make a whole lot of sense.

Listen to the brand new 'Lake Effect Kid' EP below:

Alongside the EP release, Fall Out Boy also released a video for 'City In A Garden':

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