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Listen To An Exhilarating New Blessthefall Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 March 2018 at 15.06

This is 'Cutthroat'.

Ahead of the release of their new album 'Hard Feelings', Blessthefall have dropped another new song. 

Have a listen to 'Cutthroat' below:

'Hard Feelings' is released this Friday (March 23) via Rise Records. 

Like what you hear? 

Well you best get your ears around 'Wishful Sinking':

Annnnnnd 'Melodramatic':

SO good. 

We recently spoke to vocalist Beau Bokan on the Rock Sound Podcast, and he wasn't holding back. 

Here's a taster:

“There were a lot of different things that were in play with that. We’ve been a band almost nine years, so this is our sixth record. Not to talk poorly about Fearless and what’s going on there, but I feel like they sort of dropped the ball with our last album. It went very under the radar which I felt was a great record and we sort of took a hit from that.

“With our band, we go up and down you know what I mean? We have one record and everything goes great, and the next record kind of slumps a little bit and that’s been us. We just powered through it, but with our last record we got left in the dark a little bit and I think they were focusing more on other bands that were big on YouTube or some shit! Yeah, left in the dark is the term I’d say.

“So, we said, ‘Y’know, it’s fine, let’s part ways’. And someone like Rise hit us up and were very, very excited that we were free agents. It’s just to find someone excited about your music, about your band.

“There were a few other labels as well but they were the most excited, they were very grassroots even though they have some massive bands like PVRIS and At The Drive-In and I could go on and on and on, but they are very grassroots still and they have a small core, it’s not like they have 25 people at their label and I have to like talk to like three people to get to somebody that I want to talk to. I call my dude at the label and he answers the phone and we’re talking about ideas. And I said, ‘Hey man, I want to drive to Portland. The Lakers are playing, maybe we can hang out and get a coffee’ and they call me back and say, ‘You know what, we’ll get tickets, we’ll get dinner, we’ll make it a label meeting’ and this was before we signed! I was like, ‘Alright man, if you didn’t have me sold before, I’m sold now!’

“They treated us like we were a commodity and it felt good, I think they have a lot of faith in us and what we can do. They’ve been watching us over the years and it’s a fresh start, so here we go!”

“Absolutely, that’s exactly how I felt. I felt ‘To Those Left Behind’ was a great record and a great follow-up record to ‘Hollow Bodies’. There’s a lot of awesome songs on there, it’s pretty heavy! It’s funny because kids always want us to sound heavy and I’m like, ‘Yo, those are some of the heaviest fucking songs we’ve ever written on that album!’ And that was that, you can’t really dwell on it.

“For us a band, you know you pack your way and the hard part is that we’re not DJs where we can just write a song in a fucking hotel room and make a million dollars. This is months and months and months of writing and some people don’t realise that. You could put out a song and someone could just kinda dismiss it and it’s like, ‘Fuck man, I worked so hard on that’. That’s how it felt with that album.

“We busted our ass, I was going back and forth from Michigan to L.A. to write and I felt like it was a great record and it was very disappointing but I think you have to go through that a band, I think that it’s making us stronger as a band, where it’s like, ‘Hey, we’ve overcome this thing that seems like any other band would maybe call it’.”

“Yeah, you know what, I would be lying if I said that we were all overly optimistic, because I think like anyone else, the reality of it was, ‘Hey man, we’re all getting older, the scene is changing, the climate of music is changing and I think there was an option of like, ‘Fuck man, maybe this is it, maybe this is the end of the fucking road, we’ve hit a wall or whatever’ but I think after we all collected ourselves and Rise was very excited about signing us, it breathed some fresh air into us.

“We went, ‘Alright, let’s get back on the fucking horse, let’s do this thing’. So that’s when things turned around, we went, ‘Alright, let’s give it one more chance guys, let’s do this’ and I’m glad we did because all that emotion and all that determination went into this record and you can hear it from front to back.”

Check out the full chat below:

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