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Listen To A New Track From Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 21 October 2019 at 10.04

It's from the soundtrack of the film Spell, which he's scored.

We're beginning to lose count of just how many films that Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump has scored at this point. 

Cast your mind back to last year though, and see if you can recall the film Spell that he scored. It premiered last year at the LA Film Festival, but now the soundtrack is set for release too!

It was announced over the weekend that the soundtrack, scored by Patrick Stump, is set for release November 01, and it features a soulful ballad from Patrick Stump (because let's not forget, he's got a soul voice). 

Even though he's scored a handful of films over the past few years, this marks the first new music from Patrick Stump, which sees him on vocal duties since 'Who's The (Bat)Man' from the Lego Batman film in 2017. 

Also, doesn't this sound just a little like Fall Out Boy's 'Heaven's Gate'? 

Check out Patrick Stump's 'Deep Blue Love' below:

Patrick also spoke last year on the subject of scoring Spell, that he won't be looking to release a follow up to his solo album 'Soul Punk' any time soon, sharing "I sing in Spell and I sing a little bit in Changeland, so I kind of get it out in those contexts. I have Fall Out Boy and I’m really proud of 'Soul Punk' for what it was. I’ve said stuff like this before and I mean it- I don’t ever want to ruin something just for the fun of doing it. I wouldn’t put out another solo record unless I had something I really, really needed to say. Whereas film, they need the music. So there’s that need you fill. It’s really rewarding to help someone tell their story."

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