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LISTEN: ‘Till We’re Gone’, The First Song From Electric Century’s Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 12 February 2021 at 10.07

The full album is going to be released VERY soon as well. 

After teasing and waiting. Electric Century's new self-titled album is almost here. 

That's right, the record, which has been produced by none other than Ray Toro, is set for release on February 26! 

Along with that news, we also have the first track from it in the form of 'Till We're Gone'. With its combination of 80's stained synths, glittery atmosphere and addictive vocals turns, it's a wonderful taste of what's to come and well worth the wait. 

Check it out below:

Alongside the record, there's also an accompanying graphic novel, which is being released on February 23, which Mikey Way worked on along with writer Shaun Simon went to work and artist Toby Cypress. 

Here's a little synopsis:

"Johnny Ashford, former sitcom-star, drives drunk through a storefront and gets arrested. His aspiring actress girlfriend bails him out and he begins seeing a hypnotherapist. Dr. Evers sends Johnny to his “happy place”: 1980’s Atlantic City, where he relives his childhood on the boardwalk, hardly noticing shadowy specters all around. Johnny’s addiction shifts from alcohol to his hypnotic trips to the boardwalk and the Electric Century casino, which satisfies his desire for fame. He discovers a way to stay there. In the real world, his girlfriend’s search for him leads her to Dr. Evers, who offers her a free session, and Johnny meets her on a beach by the boardwalk—her own “happy place.” Johnny brings her to his boardwalk, only to discover its true nature.  Johnny must find a way to save himself and his girlfriend, and escape the Electric Century."

You can check out a trailer for the artwork that they have produced below:

You can pre-order the comic, alongside the album, from right HERE

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