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LISTEN: Tigercub’s Furiously Fuzzy New Track ‘I.W.G.F.U’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 24 November 2021 at 11.02

Another rager from Jamie and Co.

have released their first new single since their full-length 'As Blue As Indigo' dropped earlier this year.

It's called 'I.W.G.F.U' and is a scuzzy, sand-stained belter full of distortion and soft intensity. It's the sort of song made to soundtrack the most blurry and outrageous nights and further shows off the band's knack for penning a proper party-starter.

Vocalist Jamie Hall had this to say about it:

"I wanted a party song to kick off our first headline tour in four years. I.W.G.F.U is that song, it’s a thrill ride, start to finish, it journeys through the dynamic spectrum at breakneck speed and I think lands harder than anything we’ve ever done.

"It's about drinking, and that moment when despite my best efforts to abstain, my impulse always takes over and I say: “fuck it” let’s go big."

Let's go:

We spoke to Jamie all about 'As Blue As Indigo' earlier this year, which you can catch up with right HERE

Here's a little snippet:

Alongside that musical journey, there is also an emotional one to be had too, and this album feels very human within that. There’s a lot more of you as a person within these songs.  How have you gone about making it a reality?
"As I’ve been getting a little bit older, I’ve started to reflect on who I want to be and where I came from. With the time out, it gave me the chance to reappraise the answers to those questions. When I was younger, I wouldn’t be willing to put anything strictly about me on the table when writing songs. It was all through this borrowed alt-rock persona that I could tap into. That was a safer way of expressing anxiety and self-doubt and my place in the world. That’s fine, but it wasn’t me. With ‘As Blue As Indigo’, I’ve realised that I have to fucking risk something. I have to allow myself to be discovered by people if they choose to go that deep. Then we can all feel the catharsis together in the sadness and shit we are processing.

"As a man, I was taught not to show emotion. I take responsibility for that, but I also realise that stoicism can be a toxic thing that can lead to miserable lives. It can lead to you going to some dark places. It’s so important to express yourself and how you feel. I find songwriting as the most emotionally purifying process that I have that helps me purge all of the poison in me. I’ve wanted to do it in such a way that if someone wishes to, they could go on the journey of purging their own emotions as well. Music does that so well. It’s not up to me to decide if I have managed to do that or not, though. It’s down to the listener. Good music has got me through some fucking dark times, and I want to pay that forward."

To create something that feels that way and that will then be in the world forever is even more reason to dive that deep as well...
"That’s the thing. It’s a record of how you were feeling at that time. I find it hard to even really know how I think about something in the moment. It’s only in hindsight that it starts to show itself. You can go back to an old song and know exactly what it was about, but also know that you didn’t think that way at the time. Your mind is a puzzle. It’s a maze that you’re trapped in with this mix of conscience and automatic neurons firing around."

Here's 'Blue Mist In My Head':

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