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LISTEN: The Maine, Adam Lazzara & Charlotte Sands’ Acoustic Version Of ‘Loved You A Little’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 23 May 2022 at 13.09

A beautiful song stripped back.

So we are all in agreement that 'Loved You A Little' is one of the songs of the year?

Yep. Good. Just had to check. 

Anyway, The Maine, Adam Lazzara and Charlotte Sands have now released an acoustic version of the track, and it is completely transformed. 

Where the track feels heartbroken on first listen when surrounded by loud instrumentation, when stripped back to its bare bones are even more affecting. 

And that is reflected in the vocal performances of the trio too, with that little bit of extra pain injected in. 

Here it is:

And here is the original, performed live at Webster Hall:

The Maine were members of the Rock Sound Class of 2021. You can pick up their special magazine and t-shirt WORLDWIDE from HERE

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