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LISTEN: The Debut Single From Salem, The New Project Fronted By Creeper’s Will Gould

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 September 2020 at 10.01

Please, 'Destroy Me'.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce Salem, the new band featuring Creeper's Will Gould and Matt Reynolds (Howard’s Alias, Skylar, Drawings). 

The band have just released their debut single 'Destroy Me', with driving drums, frantic riffs and romantic lyricism, which Will has described a little bit like this:

“‘Destroy Me’ is a really good introduction that summarises the band, it had the right kind of energy from the offset. This band feels like a love letter to a lot of our early influences. It’s a return to our roots in a lot of ways.”

Have a listen below:

The track is lifted from the band's self-titled debut EP which is scheduled for release on October 23 via Roadrunner Records.

The artwork for the release looks a little bit like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Fall Out Of Love
02. Destroy Me
03. Throat
04. Eyesore
05. Doomed (for each other)

Will has added a bit of context to where the EP stemmed from and what it represents for him:

“It was a labour of love for us. We’re releasing when a lot of kids are stuck inside, or if they’re not, their life isn’t quite the same. It’s a way to soundtrack this very difficult time. The power of punk rock is that it helps you forget about the monotony of every day. And life has never been as monotonous as it is now.”

You can pre-order/pre-save the record from right HERE

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