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LISTEN: The Dangerous Summer’s Rousing New Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 July 2020 at 14.31

'Fuck Them All' indeed.

The Dangerous Summer
have released a brand new song. 

'Fuck Them All' is everything you possibly want from the band, overflowing with vibrant instrumentation and rousing lyricism that touches the soul. 

It's also the first song the band have released since going independent. 

Read a message from the band here:

In March of 2020 we fulfilled our last record contract.

After a long back and forth with labels, we have decided to go independent. We now have full control and ownership for the first time in our careers.

Please join us in this new adventure into the unknown."

You can listen to it below:

It's the first new music from the band since they released 'Mother Nature' last year.

Here's 'Where Were You When The Sky Opened Up':

And here's 'Bring Me Back To Life':

What an absolutely wonderful band.

You can pick up 'Mother Nature' from our friends over at Impericon from right HERE

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