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LISTEN: Stick To Your Guns’ Impassioned Epic ‘More Of Us Than Them’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 23 September 2021 at 16.43

They're back!

Stick To Your Guns have released a new track, and continue to be in a lane of their own.

The track is called 'More Of Us Than Them' and implements all of the heaviness and hopefulness that sits at the core of the band's music. Bludgeoning riffs, throat-shredding vocals and a message to the powers that be to fear those below them, it's a welcome return from one of hardcore's finest.

The song was also written by Architects' Tom Searle, with the idea being sent to the band.

Vocalist Jesse Barnett explains:

The email contained a breakdown that he had written and felt was ‘too STYG to be used for Architects. It was massive. We tried for years to turn it into a song to no avail. After Tom’s passing and the effect it had on everyone, Chris decided he was going to give it another shot. He then wrote the music for what became our song ‘More Of Us Than Them.’"

He has also explained some more of the song's meaning:

"This song is about understanding that the people who run our day to day lives don’t have our interests at heart. They don’t have the planets interest at heart. All they care about is ever growing profit and power. These people are addicts and they’re addicted to the worst thing possible: Greed. In this system, money is the only thing that buys freedom. But what does this simple statement also imply? What is being said with out actually being said? It’s saying that if you don’t have money, you don’t have freedom. This is an important distinction to make. None of us asked to be born. We didn’t decide to be on this earth. This is an important distinction to make. None of us asked to be born. We didn’t decide to be on this earth. The fact that we have pay walls in front of things that are necessary for survival is fucking criminal and I vow to wake up everyday with the intention of tearing that system down and although Tom is no longer with us, I think he’d be proud of what we all made together."

Here it is. Move:

The band released their last full-length 'True View' back in 2017.

Here's 'Married To The Noise':

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