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LISTEN: Silverstein’s Vicious New Song ‘Madness’ Featuring Princess Nokia

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 March 2020 at 10.45

A collaboration that you never saw coming.

As well as being absolutely brilliant, Silverstein's new album 'A Beautiful Place To Drown' is littered with exciting and daring collaborations. 

Well one of the most daring on there has just released, in the form of 'Madness' which features rapper Princess Nokia

It sounds a little like this: 


It follows on from the previous released 'Infinite' featuring Underøath's Aaron Gillespie, which sounds like this:

And 'Burn It Down', featuring Beartooth's Caleb Shomo which sounds like this:


'A Beautiful Place To Drown' is set to be released this Friday (March 06) via UNFD.

We recently spoke to frontman Shane Told all about the album, and more precisely all of the features that appear on it. 

“We tried to get the perfect person for the perfect song. Every feature was our first choice as well. So we thought of the part [on ‘Take What You Give] and said ‘Pierre Bouvier would sound great here’ or ‘We need a guitar solo, who would be best? Let’s get Aaron [Marshall] from Intervals [for Bad Habits’]. Those were all just so organic and as simple as sending a text, watching the dots and then getting the reply like ‘This sounds great, send the track over and I’ll do it this weekend’. It really worked out nicely. 

"Princess Nokia was a little different though because she’s in such a different world. She’s a huge fan of Silverstein though. She was posting stuff about us then she came out to our New York City show and we hung out. We then just decided when we had this song ‘Madness’ which is kind of a male/female perspective song we said ‘Would it be cooler having someone doing more of a talking thing on here’. Right when we had that conversation we all knew Princess Nokia was who it needed to be. It really took that song a notch and told the story.

I feel like most of the time a feature for the sake of a feature can make a song worse. We’re always really careful that it’s the absolutely perfect thing for the song. Even if fucking Paul McCartney wanted to do one, he would have to wait for the right song.”

You can read the full interview HERE

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