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LISTEN: Rise Against’s ‘Broken Dreams, Inc. Remixed BY HEALTH

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 February 2021 at 11.03

A hard-hitting song transformed into a haunting epic.

Last year Rise Against released a new track 'Broken Dreams, Inc.' especially for the soundtrack of DC's Dark Nights: Death Metal series. 

A slice of classic Rise Against with plenty of rousing lyrical turns and furious riffs, the track has now been transformed thanks to HEALTH.

Haunting, glossy and brimming with the sort of ethereal atmosphere that wraps itself around you like a thick fog, the track is transformed and given a completely different lease of life.

Frontman Tim McIlrath had this to say about the remix:

"We didn't really know what to expect,but were all blown away by it.  I was super impressed by the way they made the song their own.  They found melodies in it that I didn't anticipate, and they found some of the bone, the skeleton, and rearranged it; it worked and was really cool."

Here we go:

And here's the original for comparison reasons:

We spoke to Tim all about the track via Video Call last year. You can catch up with that right here:


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