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LISTEN: Resolve’s Atmospherically Bruising New Track ‘Seasick Sailor’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 April 2021 at 16.05

 "Today, it feels like everybody’s lost at sea."

Resolve have released a brand new track, their first since 2019. 

It's called 'Seasick Sailor' and is a sprawling slab of atmospherically post-hardcore that ebbs and flows between piercing melody and crushing brutality. 

It's an absolute journey of a song. 

The band had to say about the track:

Lost at sea. 

"Little did we know when writing this line, nearly two years ago now, that we were somehow forecasting the shape of the world in 2021. Back then, we were feeling like little sailors who had just embarked on a journey that’s bigger than themselves, that journey being the writing of our debut album. 

"But today, it feels like everybody’s lost at sea. Our world has been shattered by an invisible monster, and we’re just drifting away, slowly but surely gathering our strengths to face a still uncertain future. 

'"Seasick Sailor' is a story that can probably speak to anyone at some point in their life, and especially now. When life feels like an insurmountable ocean, do you take a deep breathe and dive, or do you turn round?

"Sonically, we’ve never been a band that settles for a formula, and this track is no exception. The song starts off with Anthony’s vocals at their barest, and an upbeat, almost cheerful vibe that doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done in the past. Obviously, it quickly picks up into more familiar heaviness, and what we consider to be our strongest chorus hook yet, but the overall vibe is leaning more towards the rock side on this one for a change. 

"From the first demo, we knew that we wanted this song to be the first release for the new era of Resolve. Sure, we could have played it extra safe and release a fast and intense track that sounded like our most successful release yet (2019’s 'Of Silk and Straw'), but we also learned that more often, what pays off and truly resonates with people is being honest, raw and real. And ‘Seasick Sailor' is exactly that."

You can check out the video for the song below, which they had this to say about:

"How do you tell on-screen stories of sailing, ships and thunderstorms without having the budget for a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel? We went for a "say-more-with-less" approach, using a bathtub to symbolise the ocean. From there, the story takes a more personal approach and invites the viewer to see past the initial story, and hopefully feel inspired to let go of fear and take the big jumps in life."

Dipping your toes before jumping in at the deep end is something that will reward you in more ways than you realise. Those extra hours spent wondering, “what if?” will all be worth it when you figure out the best way to make it a reality, rather than pushing too soon and being left to wonder, “what if we had done this differently?”

If you fancy a bit more, here's 'Of Silk And Straw':


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