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LISTEN: rationale.‘s Beautiful New Song ‘Caution and Pressure’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 23 November 2020 at 13.30

New music is also coming in 2021!

rationale., the band made up of ex-Real Friends frontman Dan Lambton and Knuckle Puck's Joe Taylor and Ryan Rumchaks, have released a new track. 

'Caution and Pressure' is the first new music we have heard from the band since last year's EP 'You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine.' and is a slice of emotionally crippling and wonderfully patient emo-rock. 

It's really lovely. Have a listen below:

And have a catch up with 'You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine.' here:

We chatted to Dan and Joe around the release of that very EP. You can read the full interview right HERE, but here's a little snippet for you:

So how did Rationale. come to exist in the first place?
Says Dan: "Well essentially the band formed in around 2014. We were driving around one day, we smoked a little bit and I turned to Joe and said ‘it would be pretty cool if we made music together’. Then we just started writing. It was simple as that."

Says Joe: "Yeah, I remember Dan saying ‘dude, we hang out all the time already - why don’t we just work on music’. We're together all the time anyway really. We had never really even considered it before, we were just homies in separate bands."

Dan: "I think what really works in our favour as well is the friendship that Knuckle Puck and Real Friends has is not just through the bands - we are also home friends. We both effectively live in the Chicago area, so it’s not a case of us living in Michigan or Los Angeles or on the East Coast and sending bits of songs to each other, or we can only meet up one week a year - we can actually meet up whenever and work on stuff consistently, because we are stuck to just doing things while out on tour."

When you're writing for this particular project, what's the process? How do you separate the writing from your other bands?
Joe: "I feel like we are always writing regardless. There have been a couple of times when I have had ideas for just any sort of song, and then thought how it could be a really cool rationale. song. I’ve sent Dan at least one demo where he just said ‘hey man I think you accidentally sent me a Knuckle Puck demo by accident’ - that song then ended up being the first song on ‘Shapeshifter’. It’s so funny how the two sides cross over, we were actually talking the other day about what exactly a rationale. song is."

Dan: "For me it’s a case of whether or not the vibes really fit in when I end up writing something - sometimes the stuff that I make may not be able to fit into either band for example. Usually it’s if I write something, and I can see guitars and drums fitting in - that’s when I know it will be good for rationale.."

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