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LISTEN: Palaye Royale’s Sentimentally Stripped Back Version Of ‘No Love In LA’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 September 2021 at 12.33

Dramatic. Damning. Dead good.

Palaye Royale have shared a new version of their track 'No Love In LA', and they have completely transformed it.

Swapping out the bright guitars and drums for a timeless piano sound, the song switches from a pristine pop banger to a sepia-toned and sentimental track about all of the things that the band love and loathe about the City of Angels. 

It feels quintessentially Palaye in sound and style and shows off once more what incredible musicians they are.

Have a listen below:

And here's the original:

And here's 'Punching Bag', because what a track:


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