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LISTEN: nothing,nowhere.‘s Gorgeous New Song ‘lights (4444)’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 24 July 2020 at 08.31

Another example of Joe's wide array of musical talents.

After teasing its release earlier in the week, nothing,nowhere. has now released a new song. 

'lights (4444)' is an atmoshperic little number, with pattering beats and a almost despondent flow from Joe. It's another example of how nothing,nowhere. cannot be defined or pigeonholed into one catagory or sound, and that's what makes it so wonderful. 

Joe had this to say about the song:

“I wrote ‘lights (4444)’ after meditating and coming up with the line ‘pain comes in different shades.’  Essentially the song is about being a prisoner of nostalgia and the inability to enjoy the present moment no matter the circumstances.”

Have a watch of the video below:

The track is the first piece of new music from Joe since 'DEATH', which you can check out below:

And before that came 'nightmare':

He also recently released a compliation of all of his beautiful One Take videos, which you can listen to below:

We recently spoke to Joe about what his music in 2020 would sound like. You can read the full interview HERE but here's a little snippet:

Have you encountered any pushback to that progression as yet? It feels like often, especially from the industry side of things, there’s a tendency to go, ‘Stick in your lane, stick to what’s been working’…
“I’ve definitely had remarks from people saying, ‘Oh, well if you release this rock song here and it’s the first thing that people hear from you, they’re going to think that you’re this type of artist,’ or, ‘If you release this hardcore song, people will think you’re a hardcore band’. And my response to that is, people can think whatever they want about me, I just want to put out good music, put out different kinds of music. That’s the whole point of nothing,nowhere., to not be able to be branded or put into a certain box. If I had a genre, I would hope that the genre would be ‘genreless’, you know? I think moving forward, it’s going to be more apparent than ever. Is it going to throw people off and will some people be confused? I’m sure. But it’s going to be different, and are a lot of people doing what I’m doing right now? I don’t think so. So I guess we’ll see.”

It’s hard to generalise over a large body of work, but what kind of stuff have you been preoccupied with, lyrically, over some of the new music?
“I think I’m still in a way, recovering from 2018, when I had to step away from music and cancel tours, kind of go soul-searching. That was a traumatic experience, and a lot of people have been through traumatic experiences. Most of what I’m writing now is kind of reconciling with that, pretty much just exploring that and saying, ‘it’s okay to not be okay’. When I started nothing,nowhere., so much of my lyrical material was about nostalgia and growing up, dealing with depression, and so much has happening since then. Now I’m grappling with expectations that I put on myself and expectations from others, I’m grappling with touring, and a whole new world that I’ve never occupied before. There’s a different level of stress to that. So, I think even if I don’t try to, when I sit down to write nowadays, a lot of it is about finding my space and trying to find peace in such a chaotic and ever-changing lifestyle, of being a musician who’s moving forward and whose career is growing. That’s kind of where I’m at now, and what I’ve been writing about too."

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