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LISTEN: Northlane’s Destructively Otherworldly New Track ‘Plenty’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 27 January 2022 at 11.15

Once again, absolutely untouchable.

have shared a new track from their upcoming album 'Obsidian', and it's another notch in the belt of one of modern metalcore's shining lights.

It's titled 'Obsidian' and delivers layer upon layer of sizzling electronics, crushing chords and Marcus Bridge showing off the harshest and most harmonious parts of his vocal abilities. It's a stunning piece of songwriting, further extending the sonic universe that Northlane exist in and carving themselves even more so into their own lane.

Marcus had this to say about the track:

"Plenty is a song of pessimism and looks at the idea of reincarnation. As we watch the world deteriorate day by day, it becomes harder to see a way out and begs the question: If I was to start again from the beginning, if I could have a fresh start, would I take that opportunity? At this stage, I've had plenty.”

Have a listen below, it's fucking ace:

'Obsidian' will be released on April 01 via Believe.

It will also feature 'Echo Chamber':

And 'Clockwork':

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