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LISTEN: Moodring’s Gorgeously Astounding New Track ‘Disintergrate’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 January 2022 at 10.47

"Sometimes, the only escape you can find is in a daydream - Disintegrate is the soundtrack of both the conflict and the daydream"

Last year UNFD announced that they had signed Moodring, showcasing their sound to a whole new audience by re-releasing their debut EP 'Showmetherealyou'.

The band have now released their first brand new music that they recorded since that reveal, and it will absolutely floor you. 

It's called 'Disintegrate' and is a perfectly crafted blend of shoegaze etherealism, post-hardcore earnestness and arena-ready atmospheres. It wraps itself around you, sending shivers from your head to your toes, and introduces the band as one to keep a very close eye on this year.

Vocalist Hunter Young had this to say about the song:

“The sound of Moodring derives from an eclectic mix of genres, but it’s when we can contrast these differences within one song that we really thrive, and I think this track is a key example of that. On the surface the song is this beautiful, epic “gazer”, but lyrically it delves into much heavier subjects, such as the hopelessness one can feel when everything you pursue seems constantly out of your grasp, and the nihilistic tendencies that I think everyone can lean into at times. Everyone has regrets, but it is regret for the things we did not do that is truly inconsolable.

“The human experience can be both beautiful and terrifying, simple yet incredibly complex, and ultimately, it’s entirely human to feel unsure if you want to participate in any of it. Sometimes, the only escape you can
find is in a daydream - Disintegrate is the soundtrack of both the conflict and the daydream.”

If you fancy a little bit more, here's 'Empty Me Out':

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