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LISTEN: Machine Head’s Atmospherically Epic New Track ‘UNHALLØWED’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 June 2022 at 14.01

Monolithic metal at its finest.

Machine Head have shared a new piece of their upcoming album 'ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN', and it's a bit of an epic. 

It's called 'UNHALLØWED' and sits on the more epic and slow-burning side of the band's sound, building atmosphere over its near-seven-minute run time, all leading to a thrashing conclusion. 

It adds more layers to the fascinating universe the band has built around this album, whilst still possessing all of the chaos and catharsis they have built their career on.

Vocalist Robb Flynn had this to say about it, and how it links in with Eros, one of the two characters this record focuses on:

"Drowning in the deepest depression of his life, Eros is at a breaking point. Collecting heartaches, loss, and near psychotic isolation, 'Unhallowed' is the beginning of a powerful shift of our story. An introspective narrative starts the song lyrically, which is a collaborative effort written by myself, guitarist Wacław 'Vogg' Kiełtyka, and bassist/backing vocalist Jared MacEachern and encapsulates the collective strength of this writing team.  

"Anchored by an absolutely monstrous groove, the vocals melodically mirror the state of mind of Eros as he reels from the loss of his mother to a drug overdose and begins a slow downward spiral into madness. However, the culmination of the track infuses some much-needed light, but will it be enough?”

Here it is, filmed live at the band's Electric Happy Hour:

'ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN' will be released on August 26 via Nuclear Blast x Imperium Recordings.




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