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LISTEN: Like Pacific’s Punishing B-side Featuring Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 June 2020 at 10.52

'Hands Tied'

Like Pacific
have released a new song! 

'Hands Tied' is a b-side from the band's debut album '16's 'Distant Like You Asked' and is the first "new" from the band since 18's 'In Spite Of Me'.

It also features Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld!

Vocalist Jordan Black had this to say:

“This song was crazy when we recorded it. Was wild to have Andrew Neufeld on a track. I must have listened to 'Wake The Dead' and 'Broadcasting' all through high school. I’m glad it’s seeing the light of day.

Was probably the angriest I was when recording DLYA. After the death of my grandmother and a manipulative ex, it definitely was an abrasive one."

Have a listen below:


And here's 'Self Defeated' for good measure:

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