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LISTEN: Lake Malice’s Chaotically Forward-Thinking New Track ‘Magic Square’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 May 2022 at 11.58

Keep your eyes on this lot.

Lake Malice
have shared a new song, and it is the sound of British heaviness to come.

It's called 'Magic Square' and is a furious and chaotic piece of noise that batters and bruises you from all angles. 

One moment crushing nu-metal worship, the next gripping hard rock and the next pulsating cinematic brilliance, it is a horror movie in every single sense. 

It's unlike anybody else right now, and that is very exciting indeed.

Vocalist Alice Guala had this to say about it:

“The lyrics are a dark, yet ironic, take on the rise of true crime documentaries that unfurled during the pandemic, and the intricate duality of human nature in feeling entertained and horrified at the same time.”

Here we go then, into the darkness:

If you need more right now, here's 'Creepers':

And here's 'Blossom':

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