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LISTEN: Hurtless’ Delicately Catchy New Track ‘I’m Terrified Of Being Alone’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 September 2021 at 13.58

The band will be making their live debut in London next month too.

have shared another new track, and further cemented the sonic intentions.

The track is called 'I'm Terrified Of Being Alone' and paints an honest and open picture of inner turmoil soundtracked by flowery riffs and emotional melodies.

Mark Osborne had this to say about the track:

"'I’m Terrified Of Being Alone’ is referencing certain anxiety triggers, such as the way you might’ve been treated or let down, being perceived in completely the wrong way, or things being taken away from you which make you feel like you’ve failed.  Anxiety is a relatively new thing for me, as in the last few years, and at times it has become crippling. So writing this song was a way of me accepting where this feeling comes from and why it’s an issue, and why being alone at times of anxiety attacks is a scary place to be."

Here it is:

Shall we get caught up with the band's previously released tracks? Yes, lets.

Here's 'Me and You':


And 'Slower':

The band will be making their live debut in London at The Grace on October 08. Tickets are available from right HERE

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