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LISTEN: Grey Daze’s New Song ‘Sometimes’, Featuring Lyrics Written By Chester Bennington

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 April 2020 at 10.18

Chester wrote the song's lyrics way back in 1994.

Grey Daze have released a new song from their upcoming new album 'Amends'.

'Sometimes' features lyrics written by Chester Bennington, who was in the band before he joined Linkin Park, that date back to 1994. 

Drummer Sean Dowdell had this to say about the song and what he feels it represents:

“Chester was already a masterful lyricist at the age of 18, when he wrote this song (which was initially recorded when he was 21).

 “I’ve said this in prior interviews but this is one of those songs that when I hear it now, I recognize the pain Chester was living with even more acutely now that I’m an adult. As so many of Chester’s lyrics do, this message in this song, that bad things happen and there things will get better, resonates in an entirely different way with the current crisis we are all living through, and brings a message of hope.”

Mixed in with the both heartbreaking and inspiring footage of the video, it's a truly touching and poignant listen.

Have a watch and listen for yourself below:

'Amends' is set for release June 26 via Loma Vista Recordings. 

It's set to feature vocals from both Chester and also from his son. 

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Sickness
02. Sometimes
03. What’s In The Eye
04. The Syndrome
05. In Time
06. Just Like Heroine
07. B12
08. Soul Song
09. Morei Sky
10. She Shines
11. Shouting Out

Check out a documentary on the creation of the record below:

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