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LISTEN: gloo’s Furious New Track ‘Big Smoke’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 April 2021 at 12.24

"It's so easy to romanticise life"

gloo are back with another new track, and it's their most snotty and searing yet. 

It's called 'Big Smoke' and it is a harsh and harrowing slab of grunge-laced punk where you literally feel the bile being poured straight into your ears. 

Drummer Mark Harfield had this to say about his inspiration for the track:

“It's so easy to romanticise life... Daydreaming and think that moving to London, getting married or having a nice car can fix all your problems. From what I can see, these things are much more of a smokescreen than a remedy… So! Here's 2 minutes and 25 seconds of me shouting about how much it annoys me.” 

Get lost in the anger below:

It's the third track to be taken from the band's upcoming second album. 

Following 'Down':

And 'Work So Hard':


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