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LISTEN: Fit For A King’s Punishing New Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 July 2020 at 11.51

Meet the 'God Of Fire'.

Earlier this week Fit For A King announced their new album 'The Path'. 

They have now released the second track to be taken from it. 

'God Of Fire' is pummelling and punishing slab of modern metalcore dominance that the band have become renowned for. 

Vocalist Ryan Kirby has explained a bit what the song is about:

"’God of Fire’ is a song about religious leaders who instead preach a message of love, use the fear of hell and condemnation to advance their own personal morality or translations of scripture.

“They essentially turn a God of love and mercy, into a God of fire."

Get stuck in below:

It follows 'Breaking The Mirror', which sounds a bit like this:

'The Path' is scheduled for release on September 18 via Solid State Records. 

You can pre-order the record now from our good mates over at Impericon right HERE


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