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LISTEN: ‘Home’, Cold Years’ Spirited Ode To Aberdeen

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 October 2021 at 16.18

"I love my home, and I love the people there"

Cold Years
have released a new track, and it's a sentiment we can all relate to.

It's called 'Home' and specifically talks about their relationship with their hometown of Aberdeen. But for everybody who is from a place that they love to hate and hate to love, it's a spirited and sensational look at our relationships with the things that made us who we are. Whether we like it or not, we are made by where we are from.

Vocalist Ross Gordon had this to say:

"'Home' talks you through the pitfalls of growing up in small places. Industry is in decline, the shopping centres are empty, Aberdeen is a deserted dirty ghost town, but I love it. I love my home, and I love the people there"

Here it is:

It follows on from 'Headstone' which sounds like this:

And here's the band's new version of 'Life With A View' featuring José Madero:

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