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LISTEN: Cemetery Sun’s Atmospheric New Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 12 June 2020 at 15.36

Things are starting to feel rather 'Supernatural'.

Cemetery Sun
have released a new song. 

'Supernatural' is a slowburning and darkly atmsohperic slice of pop-rock that creeps into the ears and lingers long after the final note fizzles out. 

Vocalist Josh Doty had this to say about the track and the band's upcoming plans.

“‘Supernatural’ is a song pertaining to facing yourself for who you really are, a song that focuses on liberation. To become new again.”

“As the guys and I approach the second half of 2020, we plan to release numerous tracks blending an array of sounds and influences we’ve finally had time to appreciate.

“Even though touring has slowed for the time being, you can still look forward to the progression of Cemsun.”

Time to have a listen:

Fancy hearing some more?

Well, here's a cover of Blur's classic rager 'Song 2' that the band have recorded whilst in lockdown:

And here's 'Haunted', the title track of their latest EP released at the tailend of last year:


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