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LISTEN: Badflower’s Damning New Song ‘F*ck The World’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 March 2021 at 11.11

Let it all out.

are back with a new track, and they are letting their frustrations flow. 

'F*ck The World' finds the band delivering a potent cocktail of grunge atmosphere and hard rock brilliance against a damning vocal display from Josh Katz. It's a perfect embodiment of how many of us are feeling right now and feels like a perfect five-minute purge of emotion and angst that we all need every now and then.

Josh had this to say about the track's inspiration:

“We were asked to write a song for a film placement. Usually when you get asked to do something like that, they are looking for something vague and nonspecific which isn’t something I’m particularly good at but we started writing with that as the intention and totally failed.

“Climate change is something I feel passionate about and during that time I was heavily engaged in it (there was a critical election going on) and started having this fantasy about a future generation leaving the earth as a result of our generation doing nothing - I couldn’t get that concept out of my head and ended up writing it that way which meant it was way too specific for film placement. I didn’t want to change it so we didn’t and now we’re giving it to all of you instead.”

Get stuck into it below:

It follows on from '30', which was released especially for Josh's 30th birthday, and sounds like this:

We chatted to Josh back in June last year via Video Call, which you can catch up with below:

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