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LISTEN: AViVA’s Dark New Song ‘WICKED’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 September 2020 at 10.39

Dive in. 

has welcomed us back into her fascinating world with a brand new track.

'WICKED' is another slice of decadent and devilish alt-pop that slithers into your eardrums with pounding synths and infectious vocals. 

Let AViVA explain herself what the track represents:

“Dancing around with your inner demons can be fun. Sometimes you can harness that energy and create something great. Sometimes it can take over and we let the darkness rule us. That means different things for different people. I guess ‘WICKED’ is about accepting that reality and making the most of it all. Regardless of what the fake people around you might say is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.”

Here we go then:

Fancy getting caught up on the other tracks that have dropped over the last few months. 

Well, here's 'EVIL' which she describes as "A ‘heat of the moment’ song. That feeling when someone has screwed you over in some way and you’re so angry you feel like nothing is off the cards. That’s happened to everybody. I think the biggest lesson is that time heals all wounds and the things that mattered so much then, pass and don’t matter anymore."

And 'HYPNOTIZED', which has been described like this:

"HYPNOTIZED is about fake friendships. The people that want to know all about you so they can use it against you later. I'm no stranger to people trying to take advantage of me or using things I've shared in confidence to later stab me in the back. 

"I want people to listen to this song and go 'No. Wait. I'm better than this. I deserve the best'. I want to remind people not to slip into the golden glow of 'fitting in' even if it's at your own expense. It's a fine line everybody dances at different points throughout their lives in all different types of relationship- when we know someone is taking us for a ride but we want it to be true. We want to fit in with their 'crew' even if we know they're fake and don't actually care.

"When they listen to HYPNOTIZED I want people to listen to realise that they deserve people who care about them for themselves, wholly and completely."

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