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LISTEN: Attack Attack!‘s Sensationally Devastating New Track ‘Press F’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 September 2021 at 11.20

Is there anything this band can't do?

Attack Attack! have added another layer to their recent comeback in the form of a heavy new track.

'Press F' sits on the more destructive side of the band's repertoire, with thick breakdowns and harrowing screams aplenty. It's a whirlwind of heaviness, gripping you from haunting beginnings to crushing end, that shows that you should expect the unexpected when it comes to the band in 2021.

Have a little listen below:

It follows on from 'Fade With Me', which sits on the more EDM side of things:

Which followed 'Brachyura Bombshell', which fitted more in the classic AA! mould:

We recently chatted to drummer Andrew Wetzel all about the comeback and what it means to them, which you can check out HERE

Here's a little snippet...

Where did the actual feeling and look of this new era come from? How did you bring it to life?
"When we work on music, we always joke that the songs write themselves. It’s true that Attack Attack! is an organism all of its own. There is so much fan participation and feedback that we don’t need to make any actual decisions. We just need to know to put little pieces of the puzzle out there, see what people say about them and then learn from them. The group decides that they like this or don’t like that and so on. We have our catalogue of songs, and we have seen how everybody has responded to everything we have done. At the end of it, we’re scene kids, and we always will be. So in a lot of ways, our identity is still connected to those kids in the scene right now because we are all still so similar. When we are thinking about what we want to do, we are thinking about how we can take stuff that we have done in the past, yank it out in the future and do it in a way that we haven’t done it before.

"That’s how we started talking about the whole anime aesthetic of the new videos. That’s something that we all like and something that people in the scene are interested in, but it also fits our initial identity. It feels like an obvious inclusion in the Attack Attack! chest of tricks. So we looked out for people who also felt excited about the same things, and a lot of the guys who worked on the new logo and graphics are active in the music scene and big fans. They understand, and when we sit down to talk with them, they are excited and want to participate. That’s a massive thing for us, finding people who want to be involved and add their piece to the puzzle. Like having Joey Sturgis involved, he isn’t producing anymore except for Conquer Divide, his wife’s band. Having him come out of retirement just to do a handful of tracks with us specifically is incredible because he is excited. It’s a delicate balance for us to ride, but the most important thing for us is making sure that we are excited about what we’re doing. It needs to check all of these boxes for us as fans as much as artists.”

In a lot of ways, it’s about celebrating all of the things that you loved about the band initially, but not make everything rooted in the nostalgia or the way that things were a decade ago. You don’t want to become a caricature of yourself…
"If we wanted just to play ‘Someday Came Suddenly’ again and again, we wouldn’t have written the Self-Titled record. Some people are never going to be happy, though, but that’s okay. But there is also the fact that there are many people interested in what we are doing now, and the range is incredible. 16-year-old kids are discovering this music that I was making when I was 16, and some older people remember what it was like back then. It’s so interesting how the stuff I got into when I was younger is still relevant to kids now. It’s still cool. It’s still fun. Then some people are stoked get to experience us now who didn’t get the chance the first time."

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