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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda On LA Tribute Show: “It Feels Like The Right Way To Celebrate Chester”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 19 September 2017 at 11.35

"...For all of us, it’s definitely the thing we want to do."

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has spoken about the band's upcoming tribute show for Chester Bennington, and the song 'One More Light'.

"I’d gone to [producer] Rick Rubin as a source of guidance," he told KROQ,  "and he said, ‘I know you guys know this, it’s obvious because you’re looking at social media and stuff, but I think you guys need to get onstage.'"

"It’ll be super super hard… we haven’t gone out together in public, we haven’t played."

"He said ‘The fans want to see you, but most importantly not because they want to see you play a show, there’s a cathartic experience that needs to happen.'"

"I thought it over, and I know for some of the guys in the band, getting onstage is more scary than for other guys in the band. But I will say for all of us, it’s definitely the thing we want to do."

"It feels like the right way to celebrate Chester. We’re inviting some other friends, that list of guests is still coming together."

I know that the circumstances of his passing were really dark, and as we said at the time, the darkness that he had was always there, it was kind of part of the package."

"But what was so unique and special about this guy was that he used it as fuel to do so many positive things. He was such a happy guy, he was such a fun guy when he’d walk in the room."

You can watch the official video for 'One More Light' here.

"It’s been two months since Chester passed away. The fans have been incredible… I don’t think we could have ever expected such an outpouring of love, and all these tributes," he continued.

"The song 'One More Light', we wrote it in an effort to reach out to people. It was written to say ‘In times like these, there’s oftentimes not a lot you can do for someone who’s hurting, but you can reach out and say. 'Hey, I’m thinking about you, I care''. And sometimes that’s enough."

"...Now we find ourselves on the receiving end of that, where the fans have taken our own song and played it back to us, and let us know that they’re there, they’re listening and they’re thinking about us. I can’t stress enough how special, and what an important role that has played in getting through this."

You can hear the full interview here:


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