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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda On Writing ‘In The End’: “It’s A Timeless & Universal Thing”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 7 July 2020 at 09.41

The single recently passed 1 Billion plays on YouTube.

Mike Shinoda has looked back on the creation of Linkin Park's classic track 'In The End' as the music video passes 1 Billion plays on YouTube.

We caught up with Mike recently via Zoom to chat through his latest single 'Open Door' and new release 'Dropped Frames, Vol.1' but we also took time to ask about the song, taken from the band's debut album 'Hybrid Theory' which celebrates it's 20th anniversay this year.

Looking back on the creation of 'In The End', Mike said "We were rehearsing in this little room in Hollywood, and when I say Hollywood it was the grossest part of Hollywood…and that was the place where we found a rehearsal room that we could afford. And we were working on our show and our songs there and I decided to stay overnight in that building, and I wrote ‘In The End’. I think Rob Bourdon was the first one to show up next day for rehearsal and I played it for him and he was freaking out."

When we asked about why the track still appeals to audiences today, he added "There’s a weird battle with hopelessness and the ephemeral nature of time and our lives that the song is really about. What’s so odd about the song is its almost talking about these things and saying ‘I don’t have any answers’. Because usually a song isn’t about having no answers right? It just kind of runs itself around in a circle lyrically. And especially as a young person that’s just how I felt, that’s how we all felt, we just didn’t know what to make of things. In a sense that’s still what goes on today, it’s a timeless and universal thing."

However, he also admits that the success of the track could never have been fully predicted, saying "It’s also easy to ‘Monday morning quarterback’ these types of things and go ‘ok, its popular, this is why its popular’. Like, you can’t say ‘this is what will be popular’ and make that thing (laughs). You can only do it after the fact. So the fact is its been one of our biggest songs. Its been our biggest song for a long time."

'Dropped Frames, Vol.1', featuring 'Open Door', is set for release this Friday July 10. Check out our full Video Call interview above.

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