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Linkin Park Have Talked About Making New Music Together

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 17 April 2019 at 15.55

We're ready when they are.

The future of Linkin Park has been mostly uncertain since the tragic death of frontman Chester Bennington in 2017.

Previously Mike Shinoda has discussed whether or not they'd ever perform together again - and whether that would involve recruiting a replacement for Chester.

Now, the future of Linkin Park is looking a little bit brighter.

Linkin Park resident DJ Joe Hahn has shared with South Korean newspaper Yonhap that the members of Linkin Park have recently talked about making new music together.

Linkin Park Fan Club Worldwide translated the full interview with Joe, and speaking about how the members of the band are coping in the wake of the loss of Chester, Joe shared "The members are taking care of themselves and their families and are going through the problems in their own way. And… Now the band has started talking about making new music together."

He also shared that the band aren't in any rush to get music out - when asked when we're likely to see a Linkin Park reunion Joe shared "Maybe in about 10 years? (Laughs) It might be sooner. I don't want to set a deadline. We just want to focus on the present and talk about music. We aren't discussing detailed plans. I just want to go back to those days when I made music in the warehouse."

Additionally, Joe revealed that he's preparing for the opening of a Linkin Park photo exhibition, comprised of photos that he took on the band's last tour together back in 2017. "On our last tour, I took the camera and took pictures of the members," he shared. "When I was performing, I took a pictures of all the guys. Sort of like a time capsule. It will open in Beijing, China and Shanghai, three cities from the 27th April to the 3rd of May."

At the moment there's no plan to bring his exhibition through to the UK or America. 

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