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Linkin Park Are Teasing A ‘Secret Project’ Associated With ‘Hybrid Theory’ Via Their Website

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 August 2020 at 11.35

The album is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. 

Linkin Park are using their website to tease something to commemerate the 20th birthday of their debut album 'Hybrid Theory'.

If you go over to you're met with 'Linkin Park's Old Band Computer'.

It looks like this:

Aside from being a proper blast from the past for anybody who used to have dial in from a landline phone to get on the Internet, it's already a treasure trove of old school Linkin Park treats. 

The most interesting parts by far is the MailNet Client, where you can see messages that have been sent between the band. 

The first message, from Mike Shinoda, says:

"Hey guys, I’m starting to go through old gear to see what I can dig up for the secret project we spoke about. Hoping I can find some good stuff in there. Still working on getting the old band computer figured out also. I’m copying the email on that computer so whoever is in there helping can stay up to date. More soon.

- m"

Before Drummer Rob Bourdon replies saying:

"Great. My mom has boxes of stuff as well.I’m going to start sorting through that. Rob"

Secret project ehhhhhhh?

Then after a couple of band jacuzzi pictures from guitarist Brad Delson and bassist Dave Farrell, turntablist Joe Hahn says:

"It’s cool seeing some of the versions of the album cover we considered. Haven’t see those in years.


We won't tell you where they are, that's up to you to find...

Something that is also interesting is the inclusion of a WebMeeting tab, which at the moment says "There are currently no meeting rooms available to connect with". So we would recommend keeping your eyes on the website over the coming weeks to see what is unfolding.

The band kicked off their celebrations back in March when they filmed themselves reacting to some never before seen concert footage from 2001.

Catch up with that right here:

If you fancy, you can pick up 'Hybrid Theory' on vinyl from our lovely mates over at EMP from right HERE

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