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Lights On Working With Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun: “He Cares A Lot About Music”

Will Cross
Will Cross 4 October 2017 at 10.17

To celebrate the release of new album and comic book 'Skin & Earth', Lights joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to talk about the new ground she's breaking with the project and the power of collaboration, including working with Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun.

"In the past, not in a negative way, I've overcontrolled the cohesiveness of the project and made sure everything sounds a certain way.

"This time around, I really freed myself to expand into sounds that I've never experienced and expand into beats I've never written to.

"'Until The Light' has a beat that I've never written to on it, and that was produced by Corin Roddick from Purity Ring and 'Moonshine' has this agression to it, which was produced by Big Data and having Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots on drums brought a new element in on 'Savage'.

"I was able to go into these sessions with a stranger and come out with a great song and a new friend because it was just this awesome creative environment, whereas in the past I've always written with the same people and it was all starting to sound the same. So it was nice to expand and push the boundaries of the project on every level.

How did the collaboration with Josh come to be?

"Josh and I actually met in 2009 I think! A guy who was opening for us brought him to the show, it was before Twenty One Pilots blew up... We hadn't seen each other for a long time and then a couple of years ago we were playing a show in Columbus and we all went to a bar straight afterwards and now we're really good friends and he comes to my shows and I go to his and there's this like mutual respect. He's one of the coolest, most humble dudes you'll ever meet despite how succesful he's been. He cares a lot about music and wants to be involved in all kinds of stuff, because he loves music and art.

"He was hearing the record as he's friends with one of the guys I was writing with who's in a band called Flor - we did a bunch of great tracks together - and he's like, 'Let me play on some of this'. So we booked some studio time and then just like that he was playing on a track! Everything just happened really organically.

"I think there's an art to collaboration - I mean understanding what somebody else can bring to the picture and trusting that. And I think there were times in the past when I was a little greener, I would overcontrol trying to make it sound like myself because I was afraid that I would get lost in it but when you're confident in your craft and you're confident in how you sound, you're not going to get buried, it's just going to be this greater version of what you could be and that's what this whole record was about."


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